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Fullstack Engineer

$145k - $180k / 0.20% - 0.80%
Los Angeles / Remote
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3+ years
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Sajan Sanghvi
Sajan Sanghvi

About the role

Laylo is on a mission to empower hundreds of thousands of creators with the marketing tools to manage and grow their businesses. Today, a creator has to focus on everything from content creation to fan engagement to scaling their business lines. Our products and tools allow creators to focus on the content creation while we handle the rest.

We’re building a next-generation marketing platform complete with drop campaigns, cross-platform messaging, landing pages, and link tracking –giving creators the power to own and activate their fanbase.

Laylo now powers over three millions drops per month across music, podcasting, sports, fashion, gaming, among other categories. Notable customers include Sam Smith, Dixie D'Amelio, Kodak Black, Miles Teller, The Black Keys, and the Friends With Benefits DAO.

We've also established strategic partnerships with companies including Acast (podcast distribution), Fevo (sports and entertainment ticketing), (music NFTs), (link-in-bio), CD Baby (music distribution), and (NFT art collectibles). In the last year, we've rolled out integrations with Instagram, Spotify and some of the largest Web3 Wallet providers.

As a product engineer, writing code and building beautiful user experiences is just one part of your job. You'll also talk to users, get involved with design, and develop your own opinion on what needs to exist in the world. Then you'll move with urgency to make it happen.

To learn more about how we work, take a look at Our Values

What will you do?

  • You'll work with a small engineering team to build mission-critical tools for creators.
  • As one of our first engineers, you'll build entirely new products from scratch and make important architectural decisions.
  • You'll be responsible for planning, organizing, and executing entire projects end to end, from idea to launch. To do so, you'll have to work closely with design, operations, and (of course) creators.
  • You'll help build the foundation for Laylo engineering standards, tooling, and processes.
  • Creators are the most visual people on the planet -- you'll build a user experience that is both visually stunning and easy-to-use.
  • As we grow, we'll build up an engineering team around you.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Cares about creators and wants to build something meaningful. The tools we create will empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, and we take that responsibility seriously.
  • Enjoys all aspects of building a product from scratch. You love talking to customers just as much as making technical decisions.
  • Understands the importance of both speed and quality, and the trade-offs of choosing one over the other.
  • Has 3+ years experience with frontend development, preferably with hands-on experience with React, Typescript, and Apollo
  • Familiarity with mobile responsive design and component architecture are a plus
  • Wants to join a tight-knit team -- we work on solutions as a whole engineering team. If you love working on the end-to-end product experience, you'll love working here.

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About Us:

Our founders met while building competing consumer startups. We’ve launched multiple products across consumer and SaaS and talked to thousands of fans and creators in the process. In 2020, we realized one of the biggest pain points creators have is reaching and managing their fanbase directly.

We went through Y Combinator in summer 2020 while building that new product and after seeing really strong early traction, raised our seed round in mid 2021.

Right now we're a small team that's based in Los Angeles but working from home like everyone else. We're open to hiring remotely (in North America), but expect to find an office in Los Angeles at some point TBD.

We have a strong written documentation culture, leveraging Notion to share ideas and record processes and learnings. We try to do as much as possible asynchronously to move quickly and efficiently. We have a daily 30 minute standup and weekly hour long all hands. Outside of that, everything is quite flexible - team members are empowered to work on the schedule that works for them.

Why you should join Laylo

We believe every creator should be able to interact directly with their fans.

Our platform allows fans to get notified the second their favorite creators drop new content, merch and events.

We give creators a CRM and dashboard to connect with their fans forever in the future, build out landing pages for their new releases and analytics to understand their audience. We work with some of largest records labels, managers, brands, and creators in the world to bring fans and creators together.

Team Size:9
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Alec Ellin
Alec Ellin
Sajan Sanghvi
Sajan Sanghvi