75 YC Companies Hiring Now!

by Paige Omura12/15/2022

With the recent layoffs in tech, it is tough to know which companies are hiring. If you’re actively looking for a job in tech, we want to help you.

To help you narrow down your search, here is a list of 75 Y Combinator companies hiring now! These companies have recently posted roles to YC’s job board, are motivated to hire, and want to hear from you.

To reduce friction even further, we’ve included the founder’s email address so you can reach out with a personalized message.

75 YC Companies Hiring Now

A few tips to strengthen your outreach:

  • Do your homework on the company before you reach out. Know which roles you could be a good fit for. Include a reason why you’re excited about their specific company.
  • Founders are busy – don’t waste their time with a generic email. Instead, introduce yourself and your background, and highlight 2-3 things you’d be excited to work on at the company – and why. (Don’t expect a response if you just send the same copy/paste text to every company…)
  • Don’t spam every company on the list. Figure out what role, stage of company, industry, etc. you’re interested in, and see which companies fit. (Typically, the earlier the batch, the later the company stage - e.g. w2014 = winter 2014 batch, which is much older than s2022 = summer 2022).
  • Include your resume, LinkedIn, portfolio in the email. Founders get a ton of emails, so make you make each one count. We’ve written up our advice on writing a great resume and standing out here.

When we talk about working at a YC company, we’re talking about various stages of companies – from seed startups to growth and scale companies like Zip and Instacart.

On YC’s Work at a Startup, we have 3,000+ open roles that you can filter by company stage and experience level to find the best jobs for you. You could be the next general manager, software engineer or head of growth (which happen to be the latest roles filled on Work at a Startup):

Join Work at a Startup

P.S. Y Combinator is also hiring Product Engineers!


  • Paige Omura

    Paige is Operations & Programs Manager at YC, running programs to help YC companies hire top talent. She previously led operations at early-stage hard tech startups.