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Black Engineers in Startups Seminar

by Ryan Choi1/19/2022

This February, YC's Michael Seibel and Aston Motes, Director of /dev/color and 1st employee at Dropbox, are bringing together a cohort of black engineers who are interested in learning about startups and finding roles at fast-growing YC companies.

What startup hiring looks like in 2021 — and during a pandemic

by Ryan Choi1/17/2022

Since launching Work at a Startup in 2018, we’ve collected a lot of data about the startup job landscape. We wanted to share some trends we’ve seen over the last year that show where we’ve been – and inform where we’re going as a product:

How to pick the right startup to work for

by Ryan Choi10/19/2021

I talk to a lot of people who are trying to figure out which startup to join. Iwant to share some of the advice I’ve been giving, and I hope it helps younavigate your own job search.Ask about the company’s runway, burn rate and plans for future funding.A company’s runway is the number of months that it has until it runs out ofmoney.

YC Jobs Series: Women Eng in Startups

by Kat Mañalac8/26/2021

This fall, YC and Elpha (S19) will bring together a cohortof women engineers who are interested in finding roles at fast growing startups.YC will host a month-long series where participants will meet once a week fortwo-hour sessions. During sessions, you will hear from women who joined startupsas early engineers, meet YC alumni and alumni company engineering managers, andbuild a community of peers.

11 YC startups hiring for biology, life sciences, chemistry and data informatics roles

by Ryan Choi8/12/2021

Today, YC funds more seed stage biotech companies than any other investor. To help further the mission of our biotech and hard science startups, YC is now expanding YC’s job platform to support science-related roles.

Find a remote or in-person job at a YC startup from the most recent Winter '21 batch

by Ryan Choi7/27/2021

Y Combinator hosted our Summer 2021 Career Expo lastmonth, which included 34 founders — many of whom graduated from YC’s most recentW21 batch. Many have customers and revenue and completed a fundraise; all arehiring early team members in engineering, product, design, sales and more.

Watch 30 founder pitches from YC's GTM Jobs Expo

by Ryan Choi4/22/2021

Y Combinator hosted our first Go-To-Market Jobs Expo in March, and we’re now posting thefounder pitches on Work at a Startup .At the event, 30 fast-growing YC startups shared more about their companies andopen roles. Startups include: * Vanta (S18) helps companies protect their consumer data from data breaches and security issues.