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Founding Full-Stack Engineer

$20K - $75K / 2.00%
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Any (new grads ok)
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Matthew Mirman
Matthew Mirman

About the role

About Anarchy

At Anarchy, we emerged from a collective frustration. Former AI safety researchers, seasoned hackers, and lifelong beneficiaries of GNU, we witnessed the encroachment of our domains by doomsday narratives and long-termist sci-fi hypotheticals. Rejecting such views, we, the founders, embarked on a mission considered truly anarchic by extremists: empowering AI to reach the world. Anarchy, led by an ETH AI Safety PhD, is already backed by influential VCs, including YC, with ample runway. Our relentless pursuit is to democratize AI at any cost.

About the Role

Anarchy is looking for an ambitious and creative full-stack engineer to help us liberate AGI. to bring every hacker superintelligence. We're building the github for LLM teams. Our philosophy of building in the open has already led to a vibrant community, and we're looking for an experienced devtools and creative products sales person, who enjoys losing plenty of sleep for long-shots.


  • 3+ years of web-app building experience.
  • Must be comfortable building a full app in multiple languages with multiple backends working alone.
  • Enjoys teamwork, team player, comfortable documenting your process and taking questions and criticisms.
  • Is on a first-name basis with CSS/Javascript.
  • Has worked with gcp, aws, azure, heroku, and vercel.
  • Comfortable with react and docker
  • Growth mindset, ready to read and get coaching.
  • Happy to travel
  • Hacker ethics
  • Unafraid to jump into existing projects in frameworks you've never heard of. Can make progress quickly in new environments.

How to impress us

  • Have a portfolio of developer-facing apps you've built yourself.
  • Show us your #s: Downloads, installs, forks, stars, bounties won...

Office Life & Perks

  • Fully remote-work: We are a worldwide distributed team. You can travel and work from wherever, provided you are comfortable working daylight hours CET.
  • Flexible-working hours/unlimited vacation.

About the interview

We first want to see a portfolio of your work that is interactive. Please include it when you apply. Explain how you contributed to each project in the portfolio. Send us 3 metrics that you personally are proud of. Example (Built an app in 3 months that got 1m downloads over 4 months).

When you are ready, we'll then send you a coding challenge which you'll have 24 hours to complete. If you pass this challenge you'll then you'll then have a 15 minute phone screen with our ops lead, after which you'll have 2 coding interviews with our team and 2 culture fit interviews.

Please be aware that before hiring full-time we will conduct randomized reference checks.

About Anarchy Labs

Anarchy provides open-source infrastructure for building conversational UIs with any LLM.

Anarchy Labs
Team Size:5
Location:Zürich, Switzerland
Matthew Mirman
Matthew Mirman