A payment network connecting nonprofits to the $229B in DAFs

Operations Lead

$110K - $160K
New York, NY
Job Type
3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Aaron Kahane
Aaron Kahane

About the role

You are stepping into a unique role - we are seeing significant traction, and you will play a pivotal role in scaling Chariot. Your work will span across all dimensions of the business and you will:

  • Collaborate closely with our COO, founding team, nonprofits, channel partners, and DAFs to innovate and develop scalable processes
  • Take operational functions and processes 1 to 10 and develop a playbook to make functions scalable
  • Support the team in building culture and recruiting high-performing team members

About You

  • 3+ years of experience in startups, consulting, investment banking, or a similar role
  • Passion for startup culture, which means working in a high degree of ambiguity with a strong ability to take ownership and operate independently
  • Be a driving force of execution, have a good eye for identifying potential risks, and close attention to detail.
  • First-principled thinker who is able to communicate opinions clearly, and willing to be convinced otherwise through thoughtful discourse
  • Experience with fintech, payments, and the nonprofit sector is a plus.

About the interview

Intro chat to share what we are building and learn about your interests. We are searching for creativity, enthusiasm, and ownership. (30 mins)

Case study (60-90 mins)

Call with founders to learn more about your experiences and dive deep into some of your past projects. (30 mins)

Meet the team in our NYC office in Midtown (1 hour)

Offer decision time!

Timing The typical interview process takes 2-4 weeks from start to finish. This tends to be mostly based on our team’s availability. That said, we have moved more quickly and look to accommodate candidates who might have a short timeline or competing offers. The more information you can share about your situation and where you are in the process, the more we can either attempt to expedite/match, or save you time if we cannot.

About Chariot

Chariot is a payment network for the $229B+ in Donor Advised Funds. We build the financial infrastructure that connects these complex charitable assets to nonprofits. Chariot is doing for charitable transactions what Visa did for the entire banking industry in the 1950s. Every line of code pushed helps move millions of dollars to charity.

We are currently backed by Y Combinator, Spark Capital, SV Angel, and top-tier angel investors like Adam Grant, Adam Nash, and Angela Duckworth.

DAFs hold $229B+ in charitable assets and are the fastest-growing vehicle in philanthropy. However, millions of DAF users are stuck behind archaic login portals, emails, or even phone calls to make a donation.

Imagine you had to send a wire transfer to Nike every time you wanted to buy a pair of new shoes. How much less likely would you be to get those sneakers? Today, that’s what it’s like to donate with a DAF. It is estimated that this current friction represents $395B in unrealized donations over the next decade. Chariot’s easy-to-use payment option reduces the DAF donation process to just a few clicks.

If what we're doing speaks to you, we’d be thrilled to meet. Come join our core team and build the future of philanthropy.

Team Size:10
Location:New York
Aaron Kahane
Aaron Kahane
Drew Schneider
Drew Schneider
Salomon Serfati
Salomon Serfati