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Cole Cable
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Company Launches

TLDR: Coaster makes it easy for B2B SaaS companies to ingest from their customer's data warehouse into their application.

Cole and Nick here— we’ll help you add this interface to your product in less than a day:


As SaaS companies move upmarket, they start to encounter more customers who are blocked by data warehouse integrations. To close these customers, companies have two options:

  1. Build and maintain integrations with every data warehouse themselves.
  2. Ask their customers to obtain a reverse ETL tool.

Depending on the path companies choose, this can take months of development or cause them to lose customers who refuse to procure a new tool.


Coaster provides a quick and easy solution for companies to build customer-facing data warehouse integrations. With Coaster, you no longer have to worry about the integration process blocking your sales pipeline or taking up resources for ongoing maintenance.

Once set up, your customers will have immediate access to integrations with Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and Databricks (let us know what we should add next!). They’ll be able to map their data to your expected data model and choose the syncing frequency so the data is never out of date.

Our ask:

If you need access to your customer’s data warehouse, book some time with us here or check out our website. Common customer cases we’ve encountered are:

  • Customer success platforms
  • CRMs
  • Customer engagement platforms

Reach out to us at founders@trycoaster.com if you have any questions!