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Senior Account Executive

$200K - $250K
St. John's, NL, CA / Remote (CA; US)
Job Type
6+ years
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About the role

At CoLab, we help mechanical engineering teams bring life-changing products to market years sooner. Our product, CoLab, is the world’s first Design Engagement System (DES) - a category defining product that Engineering teams use to engage in meaningful, productive design conversations, catch preventable mistakes, and get to market faster. Our customers include the largest engineering organizations in the world such as Ford, Johnson Controls, Komatsu, and Polaris in the industrial equipment, consumer products, automotive, aerospace & defense, and shipbuilding industries.

We're looking for a passionate problem solver to join our growing sales team as a Senior Account Executive. You’ll work closely with the marketing, sales development, and success teams and be responsible for taking new SQLs through all the steps of the buyer's journey before handing off a new customer to Success. You’ll build strong customer relationships with engineering leaders across North America as you help them deliver better products to market, faster.

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Why CoLab?

About CoLab

Today’s engineering teams are designing products that are more complex than ever before. Mechanical, electrical, and software systems must work together seamlessly. Meanwhile, products are manufactured in different facilities, with components sourced from all over the world. This means more people, more decisions, and more complexity. But many of today’s market leaders still design products the same way they did 20 years ago.

Emerging technology companies are developing products faster with higher margins than their much larger competitors. They’re winning market-share, getting higher valuations and attracting the best talent. The gap between these innovation leaders and the rest of the pack is widening.

But becoming an innovation leader isn’t just about investing in technology. True innovation leaders invest in people, process, and technology. They’re able to move fast and respond to market changes, because their product development processes are frictionless, with minimal admin work. That means it’s easy and fun for the people on their team to collaborate, internally and externally.

CoLab is building the World’s first Design Engagement System. A DES makes tasks that used to be admin-heavy and error prone (like sharing a CAD file, or getting DFM feedback from a supplier) elegantly simple. It bolts onto your PLM and automates the admin, so you can focus on design, keep your people engaged and build better products, faster.

CoLab is trusted by Fortune 500 organizations like Komatsu, Polaris, Johnson Controls, Hyundai Mobis, Schneider Electric and Lockheed Martin.

Team Size:81
Location:St. John's, Canada
Jeremy Andrews
Jeremy Andrews
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Adam Keating