Cut your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocomplete

Senior Frontend Engineer

$100K - $150K / 1.00%
Remote / Remote
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6+ years
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Wilson Mitchell
Wilson Mitchell

About the role

At Compose AI, we help people type less and live more. Isn't it crazy that people are still typing every word of every letter on 99% of the websites and programs they use every day? That's why we built the best-in-class autocomplete, but we didn't stop there—Compose AI also lets you rewrite your sentences in different tones or styles and can even generate whole paragraphs and other pieces of copy. We are a fast-growing team backed by YCombinator, Craft Ventures, Sequoia, along with founders from Kayak, Hubspot, Vercel, and Honey. Join us in our mission to make AI an extension of the human.

Job Description

As a Senior Frontend Engineer at Compose AI, you will own projects from 0 to 1 as we continue to launch new products and features. This is not the typical frontend role where you create a CRUD app and call it a day. We are working on core innovations to the way people use their computers on a day-to-day basis. Reinventing the way people interact with text can be subtle and precise, and there are often no instruction manuals for how to do so.


  • 4+ years of Javascript/web dev experience
  • Comfortable with Typescript
  • Great written communication skills
  • Experience testing vanilla JS/TS frontend code (unit, integration, UI, end-to-end, etc.)
  • Work under some ambiguity to solve challenging frontend implementations elegantly
  • Help establish team standards

Ideal Candidates

  • Knowledge of Chrome Extension APIs
  • Experience testing Chrome Extensions
  • Knowledge of Websockets/SocketIO
  • Experience working at an early-stage startup (< 25 employees)
  • 2+ years of React experience
  • 2+ years of Redux experience
  • Experience creating visual-heavy websites, smooth animations, and/or unique UXs


Our mission at is to amplify human potential by bringing intelligence to human-computer communication. This is a hard problem but we believe deeply in the mission and lean into audacious goals.

Our core product is a freemium Chrome extension that helps automate your writing using AI. You know how Gmail autocompletes your sentences for you? It's like that, except it's available everywhere, across all of your devices and tools. So whether you're writing an email in Superhuman, replying to your customers on Intercom, or writing documentation on Notion, is there. We are currently in a private beta with over 6,000 signups. We created our own proprietary AI model that is real-time, personalized, and adapts to wherever you're typing. If you believe AI is going to change the way we live and the way we write, then we would love to talk to you.
Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Wilson Mitchell
Wilson Mitchell
Michael Shuffett
Michael Shuffett