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Founding Engineer

$130K - $170K / 1.00% - 2.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Ty Dunn
Ty Dunn

About the role

You will be shaping a power tool loved by thousands—and in the future by millions—of developers. You will not only be inventing the most advanced techniques for automating software development but also opening the gates for every developer to individually push boundaries.

You will take the lead on multiple projects with large enough scope to become their own entire products, not only having opinions, but making decisions and shipping entirely from your own judgement. You will own these projects from ideation to design to experimentation to shipping to documenting to supporting the community as they use and build upon them.

You have knowledge of frontend, backend, and machine learning, but this fact should hardly be relevant—you are ideally a sponge who would figure this out on the job had you not already soaked it up from previous jobs or side projects. You should be slightly irreverent toward programming best practices—you will write beautiful code while also prioritizing moving features to the finish line.

You do not expect to be programming in isolation. A large part of your job will be interacting with our community, and not in any secondary sense. You can get excited about being ultra-responsive to community members, leading community events, holding office hours, etc.

In summary, you are likely a good fit, if you

  • have founded or want to found your own startup one day
  • have experience with frontend, backend, and ML technologies
  • are enthusiastic about AI/LLMs, open-source, developer tools
  • get excited about supporting users and helping customers
  • want to work in-person in SF the majority of the time

About Continue

What we’re doing

We are on a mission to make building software feel like making music. Developers excel not when their work feels like a slog through a swamp of code and docs, but when it feels like strumming a guitar at a campfire, singing along to the radio, or experimenting with beats in GarageBand. We believe that large language models present a new opportunity to deliver on this vision. This is why we are creating a tool that allows anyone to slip into a flow state, to experience the lightness of never getting stuck, to continue.

Our starting point is an open-source IDE extension for VS Code and JetBrains, which is deeply customizable to help developers upgrade their current synchronous workflows with language models. But over time, asynchronous automation will be increasingly possible, a transition that will require an escape from the IDE. Continue is building this bridge, an engine for both types of automation which leverages context from across the software development lifecycle, captures and uses development data to improve, and exposes an SDK that lets others build on top.

How we work

We set impossible standards and don’t let them slip, holding each other accountable in an environment built on trust and kindness. This means deciding on the single most important problem for each of us to focus on and helping each other to make sure it gets solved.

Everyone on the team is expected to be a chef. Each of us needs something different to thrive, so we emphasize understanding ourselves and adapting to these unique styles. Though we get tired sometimes, we never stop running because we are in it for the long haul.

For now, we work together in-person in San Francisco, so that we can work side-by-side while iterating toward stronger product-market fit.

Team Size:2
Ty Dunn
Ty Dunn
Nate Sesti
Nate Sesti