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Amine Skalli
Amine Skalli

About the role

About the Opportunity

You’ll be a core part of the engineering team, working on both our main products (CRM, Chrome Extension, APIs) and internal development challenges with split work between backend feature development and infrastructure challenges. At Crew (YC S21) you’ll be constantly learning and teaching others, with a sense of ownership over the product and pride in your work. The best practices of the team will be influenced by your voice, and there will always be space and time for you to experiment and bring new ideas to the table.

So, what will you do as a Software Engineer?

  • As a small team we favour generalists. You might work on TypeScript code, or dive into the backend. There is loads of room to find your passion and see everything that makes the platform tick.
  • Building a multi-region and highly available architecture with the CTO.
  • Building internal infrastructure/tooling within AWS and keeping our build times down in automation, deploying and testing.
  • Brainstorm features with our core team and designer and guide decisions based on your knowledge of the codebase.
  • Own meaningful parts of our platform, have an impact, grow with the company and set company-wide engineering goals.

Our Stack

Crew is 100% Serverless CRM running on AWS Lambda

Services are written in Go, while all things frontend are Angular and TypeScript. We communicate using gRPC, SQS and JSON-RPC. We’re persisting application data in MonogDB and in cloud storage. We have robust coding standards and every pull request needs review and approval before it lands in master. We use the GitFlow workflow and we release a few times a week.

We’re using Cognito and Firebase for push notifications, GitHub for code hosting, Slack for communication, Figma for design, Linear for product delivery, Loom for screencasts and a few others.

This might be for you if...

  • You can readily learn most technologies as you go. To you, technologies are about tools and tradeoffs, not an ideology.
  • Deep understanding of designing, writing, running, maintaining and debugging applications across the whole stack in one or more of the technologies listed above.
  • Self-directed and effective at working independently, yet equally comfortable contributing in a team environment
  • You are confident that your code will handle real-world demands, and you don't expect others to test it thoroughly for you. You understand the difference between "making something work" and "making something work reliably".
  • You enjoy using what you've helped build, and still pay attention to things that feel off. You can empathize with other users and understand how they might see things differently, or that if something is completely clear to you, it might still be unintelligible to others.
  • We work remote, our users are remote too. You value writing and express yourself concisely. You may hold strong opinions, but you are not ideological. You communicate thoughtfully, always assume others speak in good faith, aim to understand opposing perspectives and compromise when needed.

Bonus points if you have experience with

  • Working in a product growth environment.
  • Serverless application architecture and TypeScript.
  • DevOps appetite - you have implemented CI using CircleCI, Git, and Docker.
  • Open-source contribution.

Hiring process:

We are fully remote - so is our hiring process. We value written and async communication, you will get a taste of it during the process.

  • Step 1 - Submit your application by filling out the form on the right side. The more information you give us the better. We will review your submission and may reach out with a quick questionnaire.
  • Step 2 - A first call (30’) with Mohamed, CTO & Co-Founder.
  • Step 3 - Hands-on lab (async). We are conscious of your time and will, of course, reimburse you for your efforts.
  • Step 4 - A system design interview (1h) with CTO. We are interested in how you would tackle solving real world challenges.
  • Step 5 - A team fit (30 min), All Crew mates share a set of values. Get to know our team and see if there is fit and a common ground for a successful working relationship. ! 🙌
  • Step 6 - References. Before receiving the offer we would like to better understand how former colleagues have worked together with you.
  • Step 7 - Join Crew and build the 1st modern recruitment CRM 🍾

PS: You'll have time to ask questions at every stage of the process, so no need to save up questions right to the end.

At Crew, you’ll enjoy:

  • 💰 Competitive salary + stock-options.
  • 🌍 All the perks of remote working.
  • 💪🏻 Strong technical culture, entrepreneurial and strong team spirit.
  • 💻 High-end Apple hardware and ergonomic accessories (Apple AirPods Max 🎧, Herman Miller chair 💺, and a standing desk, for a perfect remote office setup).
  • ✈️ Quarterly team gathering somewhere in the world - Once we can move freely of course.

About Crew

In short : Crew is Superhuman for recruiting

Our mission is to build a super powerful and exceptionally delightful All-in-One recruitment platform, that empowers recruiters and leaders to source, engage, and close best candidates.

If you think about it, teams define the success of any project. Vostok (1st flight in space 🚀), Apollo 11 (1st step on the moon 🌚), Apple, Tesla, Stripe... All made possible thanks to the amazing teams behind them. To reach the moon, you need the best crew, right? 😉

But here is the thing : long gone are the days when recruiters would just post a job ad online and wait for incoming applications. Today recruiters need to actively seek out the best candidates, provide a great experience, nurture relationships and create a solid employer brand. Which takes a lot of time, effort, and tool switching (between excel, gmail, slack, LinkedIn, calendar, ATS...). That’s where Crew comes in. We are reinventing the whole recruiting stack from the ground up, crafting a breakthrough platform that do it all (no more switching), with a lot of automations (no more repetitive tasks), and centralizing all the data in one place.

And we are going fast ! We started the project with the eFounders startup studio, opened the beta to a handful of users few months ago, went through Y Combinator (Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox...), and raised our seed round with top tier US & European investors.

The team

"Small teams of highly talented people can do incredible thingsemphasized text" - @rahulvohra

We believe that too, we are a small team of doers, and we are currently looking for our 1st Product Manager to join the Crew 👨‍🚀 led by Amine (CEO) & Mohamed (CTO), and the rest of our awesome team

Team Size:6
Location:Paris, France
Amine Skalli
Amine Skalli