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Build, program, and run hardware projects in the browser

Diode (YC S21) is a platform that makes it easier for people to build and iterate on hardware projects in the browser. We simulate popular microcontrollers and single-board computers in a 3D environment so users can iterate on hardware faster.

Team Size:2
Location:Fort Worth, TX

Active Founders

Kenneth Cassel

I'm the founder of Diode. Optimist.

Kenneth Cassel
Kenneth Cassel

Selected answers from Diode's original YC application for the S21 Batch

Describe what your company does in 50 characters or less.

Help devs build/sell interactive courses

What is your company going to make? Please describe your product and what it does or will do.

We've built the easiest way for developers to make engaging programming courses and sell these courses directly to their audience.

Developers can build these courses in days instead of months and start earning money from their niche programming knowledge right away.

The buyers of the courses get to learn from engaging interactive courses that require no setup and have real code execution in the browser.

In the future after Slip takes over the paid developer education space, it can be used in other educational verticals as the easiest way to monetize niche knowledge in general.

How far along are you?

I launched Slip on March 9th, 2021, and we have $513 in MRR. Our GMV is $420. Slip has 26 subscribers (authors) so far.

How long have each of you been working on this? How much of that has been full-time? Please explain.

I have been working on it for 2 months. None of it has been full time but I’m working my way to a path where I can work on it full time.

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