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Senior Software Engineer

$100K - $185K / 1.00% - 4.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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JJ Maxwell
JJ Maxwell

About the role

Double is looking for a Senior Software Engineer. We’re currently a team of 3 engineers and 1 designer, looking for an independent contributor who can hit the ground running. We expect this person to grow with our team and be a major reason why we win.

Type of Work

We’re looking for a generalist backend engineer who knows python really well and is comfortable working with data and finance theory. Some examples of projects you’d own.

  • Build and maintain data pipelines that pull stock data, trade data and account data from various places. Ensure robust infrastructure to support production applications.
  • Build accurate and production grade APIs to serve realtime user data such as account balances, handle ACH transfers, stock trading and other mission critical elements of our product.
  • Work on Fraud detection and KYC, and building flows and dashboards for internal agents to monitor the flow of funds.
  • Ensure code quality with code testing and review

You should agree with most of the following:

  • Moving quickly is the most important thing I can do as an engineer to help Double win.
  • I don't shy away from hard work. Long hours and relentless effort are the norm, not the exception.
  • Excellence is non-negotiable.
  • Change is fun, and I thrive in chaotic environments. I can pivot on a dime and adapt my approach without breaking a sweat.
  • I can navigate ambiguity and find my way forward with limited resources or instruction. I'll make things happen, even when the path isn't clear.


An ideal candidate will have at least few years of experience doing something like:

  • Working at a Fintech on user facing features
  • Have build data pipelines that deal with with complex data from various sources
  • Have architected systems before for something like notifications, pub-sub systems or real time pricing feeds.


We write a lot of Python.

  • Our app is built in Django, Airflow, Postgres, Redshift, React, Celery
  • We’re open to new technologies but the most important factor is moving quickly


  • Double is based in San Francisco and it’s important to us for this role that you are as well. We’ll work together out of our North Beach office ~3 days a week.

About Double

“It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy.” Double is challenging the finance industry by building the world's smartest brokerage account. We let users easily build custom direct index strategies while automating things like tax loss harvesting and dollar cost averaging. We’re replacing people’s financial advisors and saving them 1-4% per year in fees. Founded by JJ Maxwell, an engineer and 2nd time entrepreneur. We’ve raised money from some of Silicon Valley’s best VCs including YC and Matrix. Want to build the future of finance? Join us.

About Double

Double is building a smarter brokerage account for retail investors, combining the best parts of active and passive investing. We allow anyone to build a custom ETF, easily test its performance and automate its trading. Targeting a younger tech forward cohort who are set to inherit $84T dollars over the next 20 years. Double is a part of the W24 YC Batch.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
JJ Maxwell
JJ Maxwell