DreamWorld is a next-gen Minecraft

Internship: 3D Character Artist (Realistic)

Redwood City, CA / Remote
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Garrison Bellack
Garrison Bellack

About the role

We're looking for great intern teammates that are willing to dive in, work hard, and learn. This is a 6+ month program.

You must proficient in modeling and texturing for realistic characters. Unreal Engine experience is a huge plus. Unreal Engine Metahuman experience is a huge help. Rigging is a nice to have.
You will work on modular humanoid characters, and ideally creatures / non-humanoids as well.

When submitting your application, kindly include your portfolio link.

You should take this job if you:

  1. Passionate about making and playing games.
  2. Want to be a founding member of a company where you steer artistic vision, product design, and future growth.
  3. Want to have a visible, critical impact on weekly releases.
  4. Enjoy minimal process and deciding what you work on every week.
  5. Strongly proficient in industry standard software such as Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter/Designer, and Photoshop.
  6. Work with the technical partners to define and refine the look and feel of the characters for the project.
  7. Collaborate with Engineering and other artists to develop the character creation and integration pipeline.
  8. Ensure character assets are of the highest artistic quality.
  9. Experienced with Unreal Engine
  10. Portfolio demonstrates relevant skills including realistic characters.
  11. Be able to rig your character to the Unreal Engine skeleton.

About DreamWorld

DreamWorld is an infinite game world, with unparalleled multiplayer capacity. Think Minecraft, created by generative AI, with all players together in one world.

Here's a video of our current gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIwL3vzt4XE&list=PL0x8zBFe0sRjHB3ddXPLh6g6gTEMNeuDg&ab_channel=PlayDreamWorld

Look at the software that has fundamentally changed how people live: Search (Google), Social Networks (Facebook), Ecommerce (Amazon). Now think of what will come in the next 25. One of these monumental shifts will be the pervasiveness of the Digital World, and it is our goal to create it.

We believe this Digital World will rise out of the medium that's had the seeds of it for a while, Gaming. So, we are building a massive Sandbox MMO, with the game focused on User Creation and Socializing. You can think of our initial goal as creating a successor to Minecraft and World of Warcraft.

Team Size:20
Location:Redwood City, CA
Garrison Bellack
Garrison Bellack
Zachary Kaplan
Zachary Kaplan