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Implementation Specialist

$80K - $100K
New York, NY, US
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Avery Durrant
Avery Durrant

About the role

Dripos is a customer-obsessed company that uses the lean startup methodology to make an all-in-one solution for Coffee Shops. We take customers from relying on 5-10 different solutions to run their business to only needing Dripos for all their needs (ordering, scheduling, payroll, etc). We work closely with our partnered locations to build their dream product while internally working at a lightning pace to create a truly unique relationship with our customers.

We’re looking for people to join our implementation team who want to build a seamless onboarding experience for our customers as they transition to our product. We pride ourselves on having close relationships and constant communication with our customers, always going above and beyond to ensure they fall in love with Dripos from Day 1. Our goal as a team is to ensure that all of our brand-new customers successfully transition onto our platform and obtain the education they need to use all Dripos features independently.


We want to bring someone in who will handle all steps involved in the customer implementation process. This includes but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • End-to-End Onboarding Management: Take charge of the entire onboarding process, overseeing the journey from time sold to their company's live status on Dripos. This includes onboarding them on Dripos premium features, such as Payroll, Stream, and Accounting.
  • Documentation Excellence: Maintain meticulous and up-to-date notes for every step within the onboarding process, ensuring a comprehensive record of all communications.
  • Maintain Expertise to Train: Possess in-depth knowledge of Dripos features and effectively train customers on how to use them during the onboarding process.
  • Collaborative Self-Onboarding: Collaborate with customers on self-onboarding initiatives, providing support and guidance through scheduled meetings dedicated to education and training.
  • Advocate for Customers: Advocate for new customers to other teams internally and communicate feedback to ensure expectations and client needs are met.
  • Occasional Travel: Sporadically travel to in-person launches to ensure larger customers experience a seamless launch onto the product.
  • Inventory Management: Pack and ship hardware to customers, and track general product inventory.

What we’re looking for

  • Someone with at least one year of customer-facing experience
  • Has a good understanding of how startups work, either firsthand or through other means
  • Someone very outgoing (to the point where they could talk to anyone)
  • Someone who clearly would put customers first

We embrace the no-rules rules culture originating from Netflix. We believe in unlimited time off, no approvals, no overbearing managers, and a culture of transparency and constructive feedback. We ask that you work as hard as possible to bring the customer and company vision to life.

We have an office in Manhattan, and we believe in-person work really helps build our culture and is generally a lot more fun. We are a fully in-person team and require office attendance five days a week. We take an hour off as a company to cater lunches and have time for everyone to sit down and talk about their day.

About Dripos

Dripos is an all-in-one solution for coffee shops that handles everything from point of sale to accounting for our customers. We look to bring people into our data-driven and iteration-based company, which believes in transparency and candor.

Team Size:18
Location:New York
Avery Durrant
Avery Durrant
Jack Pawlik
Jack Pawlik