A concierge service for seniors’ rides, meals, meds, home and more.

Lifecycle and CRO Marketing Manager

$80K - $130K
US / Remote (US)
Job Type
6+ years
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About the role


GoGo has had a lot of success with performance marketing. We’d like to grow our resources behind this initiative internally.

Job Description:

This role is able to take some strategic direction and then use it to design & build custom landing pages in Webflow for different consumer audiences.

  • Design landing pages (preferably in Figma) based on two to three sentences of strategic direction (weekly)
  • Build landing pages in Webflow (weekly)
  • Schedule & conduct customer interviews (as needed)
  • Ideate new design ideas based on consumer feedback obtained through interviews and behavioral observations using tools that surface consumer behavior like Hotjar or Google Ads/Analytics (weekly)
  • Analyze data to influence the shape of future iterations of landing page tests

This role is also responsible for managing multi-modal communication channels to prospective clients whose information we capture through our marketing activities.

  • Write & design email & sms campaigns for different customer or prospective customer segments
  • Oversee the delivery of those campaigns
  • Add tracking instrumentation to all campaigns
  • Ideate new campaign ideas based on feedback from customers
  • Analyze data to determine the success of various campaigns

Job Requirements:

  • This is a “remote work” role, and your asynchronous communication & documentation habits should be excellent.
  • We mainly use Google Workspace’s suite of services (Docs, Sheets, Slides) and you should be proficient with those tools.
  • This is a “numbers” driven role, your numerical analytical skills should be excellent.
  • This role will have an easier time if your ability to ideate through empathy with individual potential customers is proficient.
  • You will be the second person on this team with a background in performance marketing and the primary one dedicated to this skillset, this role will require that your time management skills and individual accountability be excellent.

About the interview

Interview Process:

1st Step: 20 minute call with our CEO 2nd Step: Take home project (see below) 3rd Step: Internal review of take home projects 4th Step: 30 minute call with our Director of Performance Marketing & CEO to discuss the case 5th Step: 20 minute call with our Director of Performance Marketing

Case Study (6 hours):

Step 1: Listen to this actual call of a prospect: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SvQgDswxZWXOURInrZNG4-ky9yf9kUrj/view?usp=sharing

This prospect visited https://gogograndparent.com/services/groceries-for-seniors prior to making that call.

Step 2: Use a Webflow to design a simple landing page - the landing page doesn’t have to work - that would do a better job addressing that prospects needs.

Step 3: After implementing your page, it produces the following conversion data:


In Google Sheets, build a conversion funnel with that data.

Step 4: Based on the conversion funnel, what steps would you take to improve this channel.

Step 5: Create a presentation in Google Slides of the work you did for this project, record your presentation. We will use this recording internally to evaluate your work and destroy it after we’ve selected someone for this role.

About GoGoGrandparent

We built GoGo for our own grandparents and were amazed to see it grow to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of seniors across the United States and Canada. What shocked us then and it still does now, is that between 30 - 40% of our new signups have smartphones. We didn’t understand why. When we called and asked a few, they told us that Uber and Lyft had 'stopped working' for them.

After puzzling over that for months, we realized what the problem was.

Managing transportation - on Lyft, Uber, cab companies, etc is not easy. It’s a ‘self-serve’ experience. The ride requester has to be aware of things like the driver cancelling, getting lost, the driver arriving, the driver not-quite-being-lost-just-down-the-street-a-couple-houses.

Then add the complexities of smartphones: the user has to be on top of updating their own credit card - making sure the pickup pin is in the correct spot - typing in both where they are and where they’re going. All in all, there are about a dozen online and offline "micro steps" ride requesters have to take to get a ride. And god help anyone who needs to remember their Apple iCloud password to update an app.

We didn't know this when we started, but it turns out that ordering and managing a ride gets more difficult the older you get, almost in the same way that driving a car gets more difficult the older you get.

What gets us excited now (and what we’re hiring for) is that technically this ‘self-management problem’ doesn’t just stop at rides. There are lots of things that get harder to do as you age. People have known this for a long time and that’s inspired a lot of the solutions that older adults currently have.

Based a lot on the experiences we’ve had so far, we believe that by becoming the ‘management layer’ for the things that older adults struggle with as they age we have a better chance to offer older citizens independence without having to ask them to move out of their homes.

Within the next ten years the number of people over the age of 65 will be larger than the number of people under 18 for the first time in history. 11,000,000 people over the age of 75 will stop driving due to age related cognitive or physical decline. When they stop driving, they’ll be forced to rely on friends and family, live in a community, or have caregivers. GoGo is working to make sure that losing your youth doesn’t mean losing your independence.

Joining us at this time is a really exciting opportunity for folks looking to make meaningful impact on people’s lives. We’re a small team that’s built a profitable and fast-growing business over the last three years. Now we’re looking for partners to join us as we make GoGo a household name.

Anyone joining GoGo at this phase of the company will have a huge and life changing level of impact on a size-able and growing user base. We want people to have rich and meaningful lives at any age. We’re bringing people freedom and hope, one life at a time.

Team Size:250
Location:San Francisco
Justin Boogaard
Justin Boogaard
David Lung
David Lung