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We make it fast & easy to give credit to businesses

Software Engineer (LON)

£60K - £140K GBP / 0.05% - 0.20%
London, UK
Job Type
1+ years
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Dominic Kwok
Dominic Kwok

About the role

  • As one of the first 15 employees, you’ll get to work directly with the founders and Heron's senior team, working both on new initiatives & making sure our products solve problems for existing customers.

  • We promote an outcome-focused, low-bureaucracy, engineering-first work environment with an emphasis on delivering customer impact at high velocity.

What we're looking for

We are not looking for specific frameworks, skillsets, and experiences. We value above all else folks who want to make real customer impact by building great software.

For example:

  • You thrive at solving tough problems
    • You enjoy breaking down challenging problems into simple & well-designed solutions
    • You are fact-driven and want to measure the real impact of your work
  • You enjoy building products and making real-world impact
    • You take responsibility over end-to-end deployment of what you build
    • You like shipping code frequently, iteratively, and collaboratively
    • You value MVPs and customer impact over perfectly engineered systems
    • You care about scalable infrastructure & process. Even better if you are the one to help improve / implement the system! e.g., DDD
    • You choose the best framework / technology for the task, even if you might have favourites. We work primarily in Python / Flask / FastAPI on the backend, Terraform / GCP for infra, and React / Javascript / Typescript / Vercel on the frontend, but are always experimenting with what framework enables the greatest performance and delivers the most value
  • You like to work in an fast-paced, high-growth, team-based environment
    • You are entrepreneurial. This means having a growth mindset, finding problems without being told about them, thinking independently about issues and clearly advocating your position, and taking full ownership of your work, even if things go wrong
    • You are a team player. You value diversity & inclusion in the workplace, are a helpful teammate, and understand best practices for building products as part of a team e.g., code review / version control


  • Thursday company lunches (always vegan-friendly!)
  • Nest pension (UK) // 401k plans (US)
  • Free psychotherapy sessions via Spill
  • Flexible work from home policy
  • Remote December: we go remote for 6 weeks in Dec/Jan to facilitate long home visits or other extensive yearly travel
  • Private health insurance through Vitality (UK)/Cigna (US)
  • Cycle to Work Scheme

About the interview

  1. Initial screen (30 minutes) -- A conversation with a founder to discuss what you're looking for, what Heron offers, and to see if there's a good fit
  2. Technical challenge (90 minutes) -- An opportunity for you to see what is a representative problem you will work on at Heron, and for us to see your problem solving skills
  3. Onsite interviews (120-180 minutes) -- Meet the team you will be working with & the Heron founders
  4. References -- 2 references from folks that you have previously worked with, who can give examples of your impact and behaviour in a professional environment

About Heron Data

We are Heron Data, a Series A stage company based in London, UK and New York, US.

  • At Heron, we empower small businesses by revolutionizing access to credit through automation. Our cutting-edge technology eliminates manual processes, equipping lenders with the speed, precision, and fairness needed to underwrite loans efficiently and impartially.
  • We’re at the forefront of enabling B2B banks and lenders to provide credit at scale and with more confidence. By using ML techniques, we dive deep into first-party data sources such as bank transactions, statements or application documents, eliminating the need for human intervention. This allows us to produce a comprehensive summary of small businesses quickly and accurately.
  • We are a rapidly growing company with over 100 B2B banks and lenders as our customers, who trust us and share their challenges with us. We analyze thousands of small businesses and over 20 million transactions daily for our customers, enabling them to gain invaluable insights into their users. From streamlining lending procedures to innovating new features like automated application processing and portfolio management, we drive speed and efficiency for our customers’ decision-making processes.
  • We are an established, humble and hungry team from diverse backgrounds and are backed by prominent investors. Our team brings together a wealth of experience from top-tier tech and finance companies like Facebook, Revolut, Deepmind and Spotify.
  • With team members from across five continents, we embrace multiculturalism and welcome diversity. From company events to everyday interactions, we make sure everyone feels included, accommodating all cultural and dietary requirements. Read more about our team here
  • Since our launch in Sep 2020, at the end of the S20 batch, we've experienced a lot of growth! Today, we serve over 100 customers and have over $3M in ARR. Read more about our story here!
Heron Data
Team Size:13
Location:London, United Kingdom
Johannes Jaeckle
Johannes Jaeckle
Dominic Kwok
Dominic Kwok
Jamie Parker
Jamie Parker