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Applied AI Engineer (RAG)

$80K - $120K / 0.50% - 1.00%
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1+ years
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Emil Soerensen
Emil Soerensen

About the role

We're looking for strong applied AI engineering candidates to join our startup. We've built a super verticalized retrieval augmented generation (RAG) pipeline and are pushing the limits of what's possible here and co-discovering new limitations/features with our customers every day.

You will work directly with the founding team on continously improve the core RAG pipeline, iterate on the evalution suite and implement state-of-the-art techniques (e.g., fine-tuning cross-encoders). In addition to the founding team, you'll have support from a number of leading academics in the field that are all close advisors (incl. Douwe Kiela, author of the original RAG paper).

Here are a few signs you'd be a good fit:

  • You've built RAG pipelines before
  • You really care about LLM evals
  • You're a researcher (PhD grad) that want to start applying the knowledge in a fast-growing start-up setting

Timezones: US East and Europe

About kapa.ai

kapa.ai makes it easy for developer-facing companies to build AI support and onboarding bots for their users. Teams at +50 leading developer-facing companeis incl. OpenAI, Mixpanel, Mapbox, Airbyte and NextJS use kapa to level up their developer experience and reduce support.

We enable companies to use their existing technical knowledge sources incl. docs, tutorials, chat logs, and GitHub issues to generate AI bots that answers developer questions automatically. More than 300.000 developers have access to kapa.ai via website widgets, Slack/Discord bots, API integrations, or via Zendesk.

See a few examples live here:

We’ve been fortunate to be funded by some of the greatest AI investors in Silicon Valley: Initialized Capital (Garry Tan, Alexis Ohanian), Y Combinator, Amjad Masad and Michele Catasta (Replit), and Douwe Kiela (RAG paper author and founder of Contextual AI), and other folks incl. angels at OpenAI.

Team Size:4
Finn Bauer
Finn Bauer
Emil Soerensen
Emil Soerensen