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Founding Marketer

£40K - £50K GBP
Job Type
3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Brian Low
Brian Low

About the role

As the first founding marketer to join our team, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping both our marketing strategy and product direction. Reporting directly to the CEO, you will be directly responsible for our clients’ marketing campaigns, and in parallel, harness insights from customer interactions and market analysis in setting a foundation for how Kaya connects with its audience and adapts its products to meet market needs. This role is ideal for those who thrive on building and leading teams, particularly in guiding performance marketers to achieve excellence in client campaigns. Your leadership will ensure our marketing initiatives are impactful, driving both client success and our company's growth.

What you'll do

Guide Performance Marketing Teams

You'll oversee our team of performance marketers, ensuring they're aligned with Kaya's mission and our clients' objectives. Your leadership will ensure that our marketing strategies are not only effective but also innovative and ahead of the curve.

Inform Product Strategy with Customer Insights

Your deep dive into customer feedback and campaign data will directly influence Kaya's product development. By understanding our clients' needs and the market landscape, you'll help shape the future of our platform and services.

End-to-End Campaign Strategy and Management

As the owner of our clients' paid marketing campaigns, you'll manage every aspect from ideation to execution of growth plans that scale our clients’ paid marketing success.

  • Collaborate directly with Kaya’s clients to understand their marketing goals, setting clear, achievable KPIs that serve as the foundation for each campaign and ensuring each campaign is aligned with the client’s broader marketing objectives.
  • Work with the clients to continuously refine and adjust strategies and budgets based on ongoing performance data, ensuring clients' marketing objectives are met and exceeded.
  • Identify growth opportunities and innovative strategies to expand our clients' reach and impact through paid marketing channels.
  • Strategise creative angles and formats for Kaya or clients’ design teams to execute on; and crafting compelling ad copy, ensuring each campaign resonates with the intended audience while staying true to the client's brand voice.
  • Manage the technical setup of campaigns, including tracking implementation and monitoring, to ensure accurate data collection and analysis.

About you

  • Proficient in Performance Marketing: You've built a solid track record in paid marketing, excelling in managing stakeholders and crafting strategic campaigns. You're well-versed in the ins and outs of Google, Meta, and LinkedIn advertising, with a strong grasp on how to maximise their potential. Ideally, you're equally adept at navigating other ad platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  • Data-Driven and Creative: Your approach to marketing is a perfect blend of creativity and analytical precision. You're experienced in leveraging analytics to drive campaign decisions and have a proven track record of managing high-ROI paid campaigns on platforms such as Google and LinkedIn. Your strategies are informed by data, designed to maximise every marketing dollar for optimal returns.
  • Technical Savvy in Campaign Setup: You're skilled at the technical aspects of campaign management, including the setup of tracking systems and monitoring to guarantee precise data collection and analysis. Your proficiency with tools like Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics ensures you can effectively track web campaigns, while your experience with Appsflyer allows for accurate tracking of app campaigns.
  • Client-Focused: At your core, you understand the essence of customer success. You're adept at identifying and understanding client needs, translating complex data into actionable insights, and tailoring strategies to meet and exceed client marketing objectives. Your goal is to foster strong, lasting relationships with clients by consistently delivering value.
  • Resilient and Gritty: You're prepared for the rollercoaster ride of a seed-stage startup. You understand that there will be ups and downs, but you're ready to face them head-on with resilience and determination.
  • Strong Communicator and Team Player: Collaboration is second nature to you. You possess outstanding communication skills, enabling you to work seamlessly with both clients and internal teams. Your ability to align marketing strategies with broader company objectives and client goals is unparalleled.
  • Passionate about Growth and Learning: You're in search of more than just a job; you're looking for a career-defining role that offers ample opportunities for learning, impact, and professional development. You're eager to contribute to the client’s success and grow alongside the them and Kaya. In the next 12-24 months, if things are going well, you can build out the rest of the marketing team and grow into a Head of Marketing role.
  • Educational and Professional Background: Ideally, you have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field, complemented by 3+ years of marketing experience.

About Kaya

Kaya is on a mission to help businesses achieve rapid growth through digital advertising. With our cutting-edge technology and experienced marketers, we deliver ad campaigns 10x cheaper, better and faster than traditional agencies. In less than a year, we’ve helped 120 businesses achieve multiple fold growth on their ad campaigns, without the steep fees typically associated with high-quality marketing services.

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Team Size:2
Location:London, United Kingdom
Brian Low
Brian Low