Teaching 37M students to read with live-stream actors

VFX Compositor for Unreal/Live Action

Remote (US)
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1+ years
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Anisa Mirza
Anisa Mirza

About the role

Litnerd turns classroom learning into an immersive and entertaining experience. We bring books to life by turning them into short episode series, streamed directly into the classroom each week during the school year.

There are 37M elementary school students across America and 42% of 4th grade students are reading at a 1st or 2nd grade proficiency level. The #1 reason students aren’t reading? They say it’s boring. We change that by bringing books to life. Think of your favorite book turned into a tv-show style episode-by-episode reenactment, coupled with a complete curriculum and lesson plans. Our team consists of writers, illustrators, educators, teachers, engineers, directors, cinematographers, music producers, choreographers, animators and actors.

Litnerd is a contracted vendor with New York City Department of Education. Over 14,000 K-5 students have streamed Litnerd in their classroom. 79% of students said Litnerd is their favorite way to learn! As one of our students said: “I loved this program. It helped me see the magic in books.”

What We're Looking for:

VFX compositors who can work with our Live Action Directors to incorporate Unreal cinematic stages, props, and effects into our episodic series.

What we Require:

  • Proficiency with Nuke and/or After Effects is required.

  • Proficiency with Unreal Engine and/or Unity is preferred.

  • Proficiency with 3D tools like 3DS MAX, MAYA, Zbrush, etc. preferred.

  • Previous experience with XR staging is preferred.

Works remotely with competitive industry pay.

About Litnerd

Litnerd is a Netflix-show style online reading program that brings K-5 books to life by streaming live actors in the classroom.

Litnerd provides a cohort-based online Reading program that brings K-5 curriculum to life by blending the creator economy to traditional education. Litnerd will teach the 37 Million elementary school students in America through story-telling. Today schools spend approx. $20 Billion on reading and supplemental education programs. Yet 42% of their students still cannot read by 4th grade. In other words, we are failing nearly half of our nation’s students before they ever graduate elementary school. Furthermore, decline in literacy and reading proficiency increases amongst Title 1 schools socio-economically disadvantaged communities. By joining our team, you will be part of our mission to change that!

TRACTION: Launched in January, Litnerd is a contracted vendor with the New York City Department of Education. We are currently serving over 14,000 students and growing revenue at 60% MoM.

INSPIRATION: Just as Lin-Manuel Miranda took a history book (the story of Alexander Hamilton) and brought it to life through art and theatre ('Hamilton the Musical' is now EduHam – a history teaching program in public schools across the nation), so too will Litnerd teach students with that same inspiration of bringing subjects to life.

Team Size:6
Location:New York
Anisa Mirza
Anisa Mirza