Carta for Web3: token vesting and DeFi investment management.

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New York City
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Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Bruno Faviero
Bruno Faviero

About the role

Who We Are

Magna’s goal is to be the one-stop solution for all token-based crypto companies who want to track outstanding and promised token allocations, automate the distribution of those tokens, and manage information about their stakeholders. Some liken us to “Carta for Web3”.

Our mission is to make it easier for crypto companies to manage their tokens and tokenholders so that they can focus on their product and not custom internal tools and smart contracts as they scale. We work with projects of all sizes throughout various L1 & L2 ecosystems.

Tokens are amongst the core assets crypto companies use to compensate and incentivize investors, employees, advisors, and even community members. The most common use cases for Magna include:

  • Token Vesting to employees and investors - Automated token distribution based on custom unlock schedules.

  • Token Streaming - Continuous distribution of tokens to stakeholders.

  • Airdrops - Vested airdrops to community members.

  • Programmable Unlocks – Distributing tokens using our SDK based on contract interactions or in-app/in-game accomplishments.

  • Stakeholder Management – Tracking tax liability and legal filings for tokenholders and more.

Magna’s platform is used by investors, employees, accountants, lawyers, and other key stakeholders throughout the crypto ecosystem.

Why Work at Magna?

  • We’re a highly technical team

  • We’re a well-funded company with runway that can last us through the bear market (as long as that may be)

  • A downtown Manhattan office with our own rooftop – we operate on a hybrid model, where most employees come in a couple of times per week.

  • Hardware — Whatever you need to get things done, plus a stipend to set up your home office.

  • Learning budget — Buy courses and attend conferences or hackathons.

  • Unlimited Vacation — Take time off when you need it - 2 week minimum.

  • Top-notch healthcare plans — We offer the best available platinum PPO and other similar plans that give you the most options with the lowest deductibles.

About the Role

We’re building products that make running a crypto startup much easier by streamlining the tracking and distribution of tokens. There’s a lot of ways to describe what we do - token vesting, Carta for Crypto, automated unlocks etc. Almost every company that hears about Magna and had a need for it immediately understands what we do and wants to learn more! Thus, a major need that we have is to get the word out about Magna to the right audiences, at scale!

We recognize that there are plenty of companies who don’t need Magna right now (still figuring out their token plan, too early, etc.), but we still add value to crypto ecosystem players in various ways. We are thoughtful and well-versed in a slew of tricky matters faced by crypto companies that issue tokens, including figuring unlock schedules and taxes. We are also a reliable partner for larger crypto companies who need a partner that thinks about the nuanced aspects of token handling (tax withholding, HRIS integrations, nuances around vesting tracking, etc.).

For this role, we’re looking for someone that’ll take the lead on engaging with our target audience at scale (crypto startups w/ a current or future token) to get the right people to become familiar with Magna and what we do, and generate helpful and informative content for our target audience. Some of the engagement will be targeted towards specific chains that we’re focusing on, or specific verticals. You’ll have lots of support from channel partners across the ecosystem, including foundations, VCs, product partners and custodians that we can use to boost content, run events, and collaborate in other ways.

We have a lot of ideas of the best types of venues for this engagement - twitter spaces, blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, paid ads, you name it! However, it’s ultimately up to YOU to determine the most effective channels in order to get our messaging in front of the right audiences

What you’ll do

  • Lead social media marketing, including hosting twitter spaces and publishing marketing materials with each of our partners.

  • Take point on getting blog posts over the finish line (writing some yourself, but also working with internal teams, e.g. engineering, to get content pieces over the finish line).

  • Activate our partnerships across the ecosystem to create targeted content towards specific Layer 1s and specific verticals.

  • Research into, and publish blog posts on the state of the token economy, and on best practices around token management, token distribution, crypto employee management, and other topics relevant to our customers.

  • Organize, host and represent Magna at events

What we’re looking for

  • Experience shipping engaging content like blog posts, tweet threads, newsletters, etc.

  • Knowledge about A background in researching industry trends, formulating and articulating unique ideas based on readings

  • Experience organizing and running events

  • A team-player who will collaborate with:

Reasons you might be the right candidate for this role:

  • Excited by understanding and following industry developments — genuine passion and curiosity for the industry and technology, with an interest in sharing ideas and opinions to become a thought leader

  • A Critical Thinker — you are able to critically evaluate everything you read and formulate your own opinions on where the industry is going

  • Effective Writer — succinctly articulate opinions, whether the company or your own

About Magna

Team Size:18
Location:New York
Bruno Faviero
Bruno Faviero
Arun Kirubarajan
Arun Kirubarajan