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NODE builds sustainable homes fast.

Construction costs are climbing out of control, there is a declining construction workforce that gets smaller with every recession. Meanwhile, we’ve got a housing crisis in our major cities. NODE is developing a house assembly kit that we manufacture in our factory in Seattle, and then ship flat-pack - like Ikea. Our patent-pending kit system assembles on-site in less than 10 days - by NODE certified assemblers - and will allow us 50% margins (which is wild in construction). We have 3 NODEs on the ground and we’ve contracted 8 projects worth $3M in booked revenue. We’ve launched in backyard cottages which are small homes you can build in your backyard. Small homes are a prototyping playground for our house kit. Over 25 cities have passed laws making it easier to build backyard cottages creating a solid emerging market.

Don Bunnell
Bec Chapin