Banking and payment services for small businesses in Nigeria

Operations Engineer

Lagos Nigeria / Remote (US)
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6+ years
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About the role

Kudi software engineers build solutions that will forever change the face of finance and banking in Africa by bringing affordable banking services to the doorstep of people across the continent. We are looking for an experienced, ambitious Operations Engineer with an appropriate skill set to handle operations and infrastructure tasks. Kudi’s mission is to make financial services accessible and affordable for all Africans. We do this by empowering our agent network with tools to act as local bank tellers in their neighborhood. As a member of the Operations team, you will be responsible for ensuring the performance, efficient execution and uptime of our technology stack. You will work directly within an engineering team, handling operations tasks and providing architectural input from an operations point of view. You will build tools to help automate your tasks and enable your team to operate and deploy in a flexible yet stable manner.

In a little over two years, we have grown and processed about $2B in payments and more than ₦1Billion in daily transactions. Our next target is to bank over 10 million Nigerians monthly within the next 12 months. To accomplish this mission; we are seeking passionate, goal-oriented individuals to join our team.

About you:

BA/BSc in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. 3 years of experience working with cloud infrastructure, e.g GCP/AWS. 5 years working with Linux environments, e.g. bash, systems, iptables, top, stat commands, kernel tuning, user management, GNU core utilities (grep, awk, sed, etc). 3 years working with SQL and NoSQL databases, e.g. PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB. 3 years working with code as infrastructure tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Saltstack, Chef, Puppet. Experience working Kubernetes. 2 years developing in Python and using VCS, e.g. git. Solid knowledge and experience in networking, e.g. HTTP, TCP, UDP, DNS, VPN ( IPSec, Wireguard). Solid knowledge and experience in encryption and security, e.g. AES, PKCS, PKI, OpenSSL, JWT. Solid experience with CI/CD tools, e.g. CircleCI, TravisCI, Semaphore, Jenkins. Solid experience working with container runtimes, in particular Docker. Experience with logging, monitoring, and alerting tools, e.g. Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Logstash. Experience working with Loadbalancers, e.g. Nginx, Apache. Love for automation. Ability and willingness to pick up new technologies quickly and be productive

About the Position

Ensure your team is immediately aware of production errors and prioritizes their repair. Provide architectural input to the teams’ development process from an operations and infrastructure POV, including but not limited to monitoring, alerting, persistence, tradeoffs given the state the available hardware, etc. Provision cluster resources, repositories, CI/CD pipelines, and credentials for your responsible team and systems to consume. Providing updates to the entire company during outages and downtime, scheduled maintenance and more in a professional, respectful, and timely manner. Strive to work at the highest standards possible along with the rest of your team.

Nice to have: Multilingual (programming) skills, in particular Java, node.js, Python, Golang. Experience with Cassandra. Experience managing Github organizations and repositories.

About Nomba

Nomba provides access to everyday tools that simplify payments and drive growth for over 200k businesses.

Backed by YC, Base10, Partech Africa & Khosla Ventures

Team Size:200
Location:Lagos, Nigeria
Pelumi Aboluwarin
Pelumi Aboluwarin
Yinka Adewale
Yinka Adewale