Analytics in natural language

AI Engineer

$120K - $180K / 0.25% - 2.50%
San Francisco, CA
Job Type
3+ years
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Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley

About the role

We're a small team based in San Francisco with a few colleagues remote around the world. We're looking to grow our small team based in SF and looking to hire candidates already based in the bay area or willing to relocate.

What we're looking for

  • Someone to take ownership of all the generative AI features in Patterns --- generating answers, SQL queries, charts, analyses of data, etc.
  • Experience implementing RAG and LLM features into production systems. Rolling your own, or using frameworks, and knowing when/why to do so.
  • Experience with databases, business intelligence tools, and other sources of metadata that would help provide context to an LLM to generate correct answers.
  • A desire to push the cutting edges of AI product development, and not afraid to take on larger challenges when the time is right, such as fine-tuning open-source models.

Your responsibilities

  • Take full ownership of our AI infrastructure. This year we'll have hundreds of companies asking thousands of questions to our AI, we want as many of them to be correct when possible, and to fail elegantly when not.

What we can offer

  • As an early hire, a substantial equity package
  • An opportunity to move into a management position and scale yourself or continue to contribute through writing code (if desired)
  • Competitive cash pay
  • All of the standard benefits

About Patterns

At Patterns we make data analysis easy and accessible for everyone, using natural language processing and AI. We're looking for people who are excited about simplifying data analytics and transforming business intelligence. If you're interested in joining a team that's innovating in the data space, check out our job openings and consider becoming a part of our mission.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley