Low-code data modeling and orchestration --- a new kind of data OS

Data Infrastructure Engineer

$120k - $160k / 0.25% - 1.00%
San Francisco, CA
Job Type
3+ years
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Ken Van Haren
Ken Van Haren

About the role

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What working with us is like

We're a small team based in San Francisco with a few colleagues remote around the world. We have a hybrid office culture with 2 days a week at home and 3 in our Financial District office, SF. We will hire talented people regardless of location, but we prefer candidates in the SF Bay Area or willing to relocate.

What we're looking for

  • Experience implementing and scaling production cloud systems for data-intensive applications such as automated ETL, AI/ML, streaming and batch workloads
  • Experience with cloud vendors GCP, AWS, and Azure (the more the better)
  • Experience with the the vendor landscape at the intersection of cloud infra and data science and analytics tooling. Including but not limited to Snowflake, BigQuery, Terraform, K8s, Cloud functions, Docker, Airflow, Jupyter, Kafka, Druid, Ansible
  • Experience utilizing site reliability engineering practices to build scalable and highly reliable software systems.
  • Experience with CI/CD strategies to optimize the experience and speed of shipping product
  • A knack for good architectural decisions learned from past experience

Your responsibilities

  • Build yourself — and every data engineer — out of a job
  • Take full ownership of our data infrastructure. This year we'll have hundreds of companies running their data systems through our web app. The app orchestrates millions of jobs across TBs of data we manage with code!

What we can offer

  • As an early hire, a substantial equity package
  • An opportunity to move into a management position and scale yourself or continue to contribute through writing code (if desired)
  • Competitive cash pay
  • All of the standard benefits

Why you should join Patterns

Patterns is a new type of data operating system that encourages rapid prototyping, creative problem solving, and sharing of solutions to everyday data problems.

It lets users integrate their data sources, build clean data models, and then analyze and automate their entire business on one platform, all powered by open-source Python and SQL components that can be forked and customized.

Instead of providing a specific solution to a narrow type of problem, Patterns provides building blocks that can be used to solve any data problem.

These building blocks are a complete toolkit that abstract over cloud infrastructure to provide a set of primitives that developers can use to build powerful applications, without the pain of managing the underlying infrastructure.

We combine this powerful toolkit with a web-based IDE so that you can prototype and deploy production applications from a single tool — removing friction, improving accessibility, and spawning collaboration so that everyone on the data team is a stakeholder.

Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley
Ken Van Haren
Ken Van Haren