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Lead Software Engineer, Platform

$180K - $200K / 0.10% - 0.20%
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6+ years
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About the role

Role Overview: In this role, you will be helping PostEra deliver on its mission of getting therapies to real patients by shaping systems design decisions around our drug discovery platform, Proton. Design focus areas would include things like data architecture, microservice design, patterns for running async compute-heavy Machine Learning jobs. In addition, you will keep close to the codebase by helping build and improve the platform upon which our team delivers features. You will lead by example, championing best practices in software development and engineering culture, while also spearheading innovative projects that push the boundaries of drug discovery. You will likely have 5-10 years of experience and a bachelor's degree to succeed in this role.

You will make well thought out decisions about system architecture, including API design, application boundaries, and microservice communication. These systems should support the Proton platform in its pursuit to trivially handle many concurrent drug discovery projects running in parallel at industry-leading speed. Your leadership style should foster an environment of learning and improvement within our engineering team in which you should strive to build technical rapport with colleagues through coding and code review.

Key Responsibilities: Technical Leadership and Execution: Lead the architectural design and contribute to the development of scalable web applications and microservices. Deep technical knowledge and professional experience: · Using AWS, container orchestration frameworks, and IaC best practices · Working with teams who ship products using web-dev stacks composed of Python, modern frontend frameworks, and relational databases like PostgreSQL

Mentorship and Collaboration: Play a pivotal role in mentoring engineers, promoting a culture of cross-team collaboration and continuous learning. Candidate will: · Be instrumental in facilitating knowledge sharing sessions, code reviews, and one-on-one mentorship · Nurture the technical growth of our team members

Engineering Culture and Best Practices: Champion the evolution of our engineering culture by: · Advocating for and implementing best practices in CI/CD, testing, monitoring, and code modularization · Ensure our engineering practices are scalable, efficient, and conducive to high-quality output

Projects You May Lead: Innovative Drug Discovery Projects: Collaborate with scientists and ML experts to tackle challenges such as expanding molecular search to 100B+ scale, designing automated AI-medicinal-chemist workflows, and creating tools for real-time data analysis in drug design processes.

Engineering Excellence Initiatives: Drive projects focused on enhancing our engineering framework, such as improving our CI/CD processes, setting new standards for code quality and testing, and implementing monitoring solutions that offer real-time insights into our applications' performance.

Nice to haves: You are more likely to succeed in this role if you also have: · Experience consuming or deploying ML models and/or utilizing workflow orchestration frameworks like kubeflow/airflow · Familiarity with data pipelines

About PostEra

PostEra is building a modern 21st century biopharma. We’re using our advances in machine learning to close the Design-Make-Test cycle of Medicinal Chemistry and bring more cures to patients.

PostEra is building a modern 21st century biopharma. We're using our advances in machine learning to accelerate Medicinal Chemistry and bring more cures to patients. PostEra advances small molecule programs through partnerships with biopharma while also advancing its own internal pipeline. We've raised $26M from top investors and closed $1Bn in AI partnerships, signing multi-year agreements with Amgen, Pfizer and the NIH. PostEra also launched and led the world's largest open-science drug discovery effort; COVID Moonshot.

What are we working on?

  • Internal pipeline
  • Pharma partnerships
  • ASAP
  • LOTS of ML + Eng for Hit Identification and custom data infrastructure
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