Supercharged custody, trading, and risk infra for institutional CeDeFi

Full-time backend engineer

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3+ years
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Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar

About the role

About PrimeVault

PrimeVault is building the next-generation enterprise custody/wallet infrastructure focused on omni-chain financial operations and DeFi: custody, issuance, execution, risk mitigation, portfolio management, and treasury automation.

About the Role

We are looking for a backend engineer/full-stack developer to join our team as our first engineering hire who’d have the following responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, and launch the V2 of PrimeVault’s core custody architecture that utilizes cutting-edge cryptography, hardware enclave technology and formal verification techniques, and underpins our next-generation enterprise wallet, tokenization, and on-chain trading and finance platform

    • Our forthcoming v2 custody stack revolutionizes non-custodial wallet services, establishing new standards in security, user autonomy, and introducing non-custodial automations for unparalleled efficiency.
    • You get to work alongside deep industry experts to implement cutting-edge technologies that enshrine hard cryptographic guarantees of security, trust, build reliability, and access integrity/policy adherence in our novel user-controlled automations/wallet infra.
    • In particular, our V2 makes use of hardware enclaves and KMS systems (widely available via cloud providers like AWS and Azure) in a unique design that guarantees wallet keys are solely controlled by the users and all enclave environments are strictly self-upgradable.
  • Work across the full suite of PrimeVault products: including web application, mobile application, browser extension, self-hosted and API platform

  • Contribute to our omnichain tokenization and DeFi products across EVM and non-EVM ecosystems (Solidity, Rust, CosmWasm, Move programming languages)

  • Contribute to the development of our multi-device front-end applications to deliver exceptional user experiences

  • Work closely with the founding team to translate business requirements into robust technical solutions.

  • Stay abreast of emerging technologies and advancements in web3, blockchain, and secure enclave technology to integrate into our platform.

  • Eager to learn, adapt, and thrive amidst new challenges and rapid innovation.


  • 4+ years of experience in building products
  • Experience in Python systems programming
  • Experience in managing and developing backend microservices

Good to have

  • Prior experience as a technical founder/founding engineer: +++
  • Prior experience with the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols ++
  • Familiarity with hardware secure enclaves, like AWS Nitro and Intel SGX: ++
  • Blockchain development (Solidity/Rust) experience: ++
  • Experience with cloud deployment and DevOps implementation ++
  • Experience with compiler design and implementation +
  • Experience with formal verification systems, like Coq or Agda +

About PrimeVault

PrimeVault is a multi-chain treasury security and ops platform for Web3.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Tanmay Chaudhari
Tanmay Chaudhari
Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Prashant Upadhyay
Prashant Upadhyay