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Head of AI

€80K - €130K EUR
Paris, IDF, FR
Job Type
3+ years
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Brian Laleye
Brian Laleye

About the role


We are striving to enhance our capability to meet clients' use cases by committing to our promise of empowering users to connect to any data source and effectively address use cases that incorporate the user's business logic. We are actively improving our services in reading, chunking, embedding, and searching to achieve this goal.

Challenges in our way:

  • Improve embedding/chunking: Minimize information loss in data storage and aim to store information in the most efficient way possible.
  • Enhance searching: Address the users’ query with the most relevant information.
  • Improve reading: 99.99% of documents should be successfully read.

We are seeking a seasoned technology leader to address these challenges, who will:

  • Making sure the technical team aligns with the business goals (target client implementation/onboarding in a week, increase customer satisfaction)
  • Ensuring technical performance (stability, uptime..) and code quality
  • Managing IT resource allocation, goal/KPI setting, and performance metrics
  • Communicating technology strategy to stakeholders (employees, partners, investors)  and clients
  • Helping in building AI applications powered by Foundation Models and Generative AI
  • Keeping up with the latest technologies in Generative AI
  • Building a culture of technical excellence
  • Promoting and leveraging the open-source community


  • Increase user satisfaction by boosting the positive response rate to 95%.
  • Develop specific algorithms tailored to precise use cases that can be either reused or open-source
  • Achieve the capability to comprehend 99.9% of documents
  • Strengthen the open source community: 10 contributors with one PR/month


Soft skills

  • Pragmatism: You seek to provide value as early as possible. You must therefore always look for the simplest solution to solve the problem to create maximum value.
  • Ambition: You aim to play a key role in defining RAG standards in the GenAI era.
  • Curiosity: You may not have all the answers, but you're capable of learning anything.
  • Ownership: You take full responsibility and initiative for the tasks or projects you are assigned.
  • Nice: You enjoy absorbing knowledge from anyone and humbly sharing your own.

Hard skills

  • Proficient in both English and French

  • Strong experience in ML Engineering

  • Ability to architecture a technical stack for efficient interaction between the front-end & backend

  • Ability to translate business objectives into technical solutions

  • Team management skills, with the ability to inspire and develop high-performing technology teams

  • Experience in managing 15+ team members

  • Code quality and experience in production environment

  • Gather and leverage insights to make rational decisions


  • A master’s degree in engineering or computer science with a strong focus on Machine learning
  • 5+ years of experience in a senior technology leadership role
  • Demonstrated success in managing IT infrastructure, IT budgets, software development, and systems architecture
  • Open source enthusiast and being a contributor to an Opensource project is a plus

About the interview

  • Interview with co-founders
  • Technical interview/workshop
  • Technical case: PR (fix an issue, add a feature..)
  • Interview with an investor/technical advisor
  • Informal meeting with all co-founders
  • 3 Reference checks

About Quivr

Quivr is an Open source RAG framework to deploy chat assistants for enterprises. We serve as a powerful tool for both individuals and businesses looking to leverage the latest in AI technology. By integrating Foundation Models and Generative AI, Quivr empowers users to build next-generation AI applications, automate repetitive tasks, and make better decisions.

Team Size:3
Antoine Dewez
Antoine Dewez
Stan Girard
Stan Girard
Brian Laleye
Brian Laleye