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Senior Product Designer

$120K - $170K
US / CA / Remote (US; CA)
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6+ years
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Oren Friedman
Oren Friedman

About the role

We believe teams who are closest to their users make the best decisions. Our goal is to change the way companies connect with the users of their products and services. For many companies today, talking to your own users today at scale is still remarkably broken and inefficient. We’re starting by focusing on the most burning problem: recruiting your own users for research.

Rally is a modern CRM for user research. We give teams a dramatically faster and easier way to run research at scale - streamlining outreach, screening, scheduling, incentives, and participant tracking in one platform. Our customers include companies like Sonos, Discord, Webflow, Gong, and more.

We have big plans for what’s coming next, which brings us to…

The role

We're looking for Rally’s second designer. As an early member of the team, you’ll get to apply your unique blend of craft and knowledge to re-imagine how connection should work between teams and their users. You’ll take ownership of large swaths of the product and drive the experience forward.

Design at Rally works beyond just the product surfaces. Rally was founded with design as a core company differentiator. Designers here also work with teammates to define the roadmap, clarify our brand, and shape our strategy. There’s abundant room to grow and make your impact in various paths.

What you’ll do

  • Design & ship core features. Lead the design of new features and maintain core features and infrastructure. You will be working across the entire product and will have lots of responsibility and scope.
  • Interview users, analyze feedback, help prioritize the roadmap. Run user research studies and synthesize feedback to help inform what use cases and problems we should focus on. Develop deep customer knowledge and understand the nuances of how our product impacts customer behaviors and goals.
  • Create product vision. We're in a high-trust, ownership focused environment where design can define and drive product forward. This means design is expected to lead product with vision informed by customer and business needs.
  • Explore & prototype novel interfaces. You'll help us rethink how we can make certain aspects of our platform more intuitive to more users. You’ll explore novel interaction patterns that make connecting with users efficient and intuitive.
  • Collaborate & learn. Partner with the rest of our team, communicate openly, give & receive thoughtful feedback, and learn from people who excel in their areas of expertise.
  • Make design better at Rally. Contribute to the design system and component library. Help establish design team processes and and uphold high standards for design and product quality at Rally.

Who you are

  • You love building and problem solving. You’re innately curious and always looking to get to the heart of a problem. You are a true builder at heart.
  • You have excellent taste and judgement. And you have the skills and craft to turn that into real value for customers and the business.
  • You are self-driven and motivated. You take initiative, learn continuously, and approach problems productively.
  • You’re deeply customer-centric. You’re dedicated to solving customer problems and going beyond the initial layer to surface deeper needs and identify bigger problems.
  • You put we before me. You fight for a bigger pie, not for your bigger slice. You care less about credit, and more about outcomes.

What we look for

  • Track record of impact. You have 7+ years of professional design experience. Your portfolio showcases high-quality work in challenging product spaces with high amounts of complexity or surface areas to solve for.
  • Excellent operator & collaborator. You excel in complexity and fast-paced environments. You’re organized and deftly manage both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, using visual, written, and verbal communications. You’re able to consider different levels of abstraction so your ideas land with your audience.
  • Strategic design process. You can identify the right problems to solve, consider multiple solutions, and speak intelligently about tradeoffs. You develop personal and shared processes in service of an outcome, not just for the sake of having a process. You know when to iterate and when to lobby for a broader strategic approach.
  • Customer-focused approach. You’re empathizing with customers and checking back in to make sure we're delivering intuitive value. You love uncovering insights firsthand and you’re comfortable with planning and conducting research independently.
  • Systems thinking. You can break down complex problems and expose simple interfaces for accomplishing difficult tasks. You see patterns that repeat across the product and are able to abstract them into common interactions.
  • Thinking in interactions, not static screens. You embody the belief that software is not a set of static screens, but rather a responsive system that evolves over time. You deeply understand the nuances of designing for such a medium.
  • Quality & craft minded. You hone your work to the pixel where it matters. You care about coming back to something again and again until "it feels right", and you inspire your engineering partners to have the same level of craft.

What we offer

We’re a growing company, which means benefits also grow and evolve. If there’s something important to you that’s not on this list, talk to us!

  • Competitive compensation and equity
  • Flexible PTO policy
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401K
  • Home office set-up and monthly remote work stipend
  • In person get togethers every quarter

Rally strives to recruit and retain exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds while ensuring pay equity for our team. Our salary ranges are based on competitive market data for our size, stage and industry, and may change based on level of experience of the candidate.

About Rally UXR

Rally makes it easy for Product, Design, and UX Research teams to talk to their users.

We believe continuous user research is the key to uncovering real problems and honing in on the right solutions. We want to help companies get closer to their users so they can bring better products to market.

User Research is a nascent function at SaaS companies and growing 40% YoY. It’s an underserved segment of the market that relies on disjointed, manual tooling (i.e. spreadsheets) that drive massive inefficiencies in their workflow.

We’re starting by solving the most burning pain point in user research today: recruiting your own users for research. We’re doing this by building the world’s best User Research CRM - a platform that automates outreach, screening, scheduling, incentives, and participant tracking, all in one place.

Read more about our plans for the future of User Research here

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Oren Friedman
Oren Friedman
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Alec Robins