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Founding Product Designer

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3+ years
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Brant Choate
Brant Choate

About the role

Instead of a cover letter, we'd love to see a sample of your product design work. Ideally a sample that demonstrates your visual design skills.

What we're looking for:

  • You'll be the founding member of our design team working directly with our CTO Brant
  • Experienced at talking to users and willing to do so consistently
  • Willing to create exploratory product ideas quickly to help think through our product assumptions
  • Has good judgment on when to ship - we're not looking for a perfect work of art but we do deeply value good UX and visual design
  • Someone who is ok with the stage of company we are (EARLY!) - still figuring things out but sincerely willing to listen to all members of our team to improve

Examples of challenges we're working to solve:

  • How can we make a crypto wallet experience that works well for average e-commerce consumers?
  • How do we generally preserve the good parts of web3 philosophy while abstracting away the "engineery" details?
  • How do we integrate cleanly into existing Shopify stores to help them offer compelling NFT + crypto capabilities to their customers?

Skills + Experience:

  • Expert in either UX or visual design. Ideal candidate can do both but UX is paramount.
  • 4+ years of relevant design experience at a tech / product-focused company
  • Familiar with tools like Figma, Origami, or Framer

About the interview

We have a three-step interview process:

  1. Initial Screen w/ one of our founders (15 min phone call) - We like to learn about your experience and clarify initial fit on both sides

  2. Design Interview w/ our CTO Brant - We spend 1.5 hrs working through a problem together and feeling out how it would be to work together. Skills applicable here are: wireframing, basic product design, how someone makes trade-offs, and overall communication skills

  3. Culture fit interviews with our CEO Doug (1 hr)

We aim to move extremely quickly with candidates we like

Why you should join Remi Labs

We're helping brands leverage crypto and NFTs to provide real value to their customers.

We think the technology behind the blockchain is revolutionary and want to make sure that we build a future that is a net positive for both consumers and brands.

There's a long way to go to make this happen. Our team has held executive positions at companies like Podium (YC W15), Vivint, and Adobe.

Come help us transform the future of commerce online. We're excited to meet you!

Remi Labs
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Location:Salt Lake City, UT
Brant Choate
Brant Choate
Dan Conger
Dan Conger