Run machine learning models in the cloud

Customer engineer

$150K - $200K
San Francisco, CA, US / Remote
Job Type
1+ years
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Ben Firshman
Ben Firshman

About the role

You're an engineer who likes to talk to people. You'll be helping our biggest, most important customers.

You'll be responsible for keeping them happy: helping them get onboarded, answering their questions. You might even be pairing with them to add Replicate to their app, fixing a bug that's blocking them. Whatever it takes.

This would be an excellent role for somebody looking to be a founder. You'll be talking to customers all day long, working with our experienced product team, and meeting founders of generative AI startups. Lots of our users are going to be huge generative AI companies, and you get to meet them from day one.

We're looking for the right person, not just someone who checks boxes, so you don't need to satisfy all of these things. But, you might have some of these qualities:

  • Outstanding communication skills. You'll be the face of the company.
  • Strong engineering skills. You don't need decades of experience, but you do need to confidently debug a customer's problem.
  • Experience working with users. Though, you don't need to have held this kind of role before. Instead, maybe you've started a company, got some indie hacker projects, or done freelance work. Something that means you've interacted with users and their problems.
  • Scrappy, creative energy. You need to do whatever it takes to make something work for customers, as quickly as possible.

About Replicate

What we're doing

Machine learning can now do some extraordinary things: it can understand the world, drive cars, write code, make art.

But, it is still extremely hard to use. Research is typically published as a PDF, with scraps of code on GitHub and weights on Google Drive (if you’re lucky!). It is near-impossible to take that work and apply it to a real-world problem, unless you are an expert.

We’re making machine learning accessible to everyone. People creating machine learning models should be able to share them in a way that other people can use, and people who want to use machine learning should be able to do it without getting a PhD.

With great power also comes great responsibility. We believe that with better tools and safeguards, we will make this powerful technology safer and easier to understand.

How we work

We're a kind, creative, hard-working bunch. We care about our work and our users. We're humble and show humility. We're looking for the same in the people we work with.

When starting this company, we thought: instead of getting a job at the best place to work, let's make that best place to work. We want to work with the best people in an inclusive, supportive environment. And, just have fun while we're at it. You will help us make that place.

You can be located anywhere. We have a beautiful office in Berkeley, CA where some of us work, but we operate as a remote-first company across American and European timezones.

We want our team to feel invested in what we're building. We pay market salary, but well-above market equity. And, all the usual things. (We're European so you'll get really good healthcare.)

Team Size:11
Location:San Francisco
Ben Firshman
Ben Firshman
Andreas Jansson
Andreas Jansson