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At Retool, we’re changing the way software is built. We’ve developed the fastest way to build internal tools, saving companies time, resources, and engineering bandwidth. Whether it’s refunding orders, underwriting loans, managing marketplaces, rolling out new features, analyzing transactions, or providing customer support, Retool makes it dramatically faster and easier to build internal tools that teams need. We believe that the future of software development lies in being a force multiplier for developers and technical builders, helping them move considerably faster building a lot more software.  We’re looking for highly collaborative people as we build a world-class team to support this mission and we’d love for you to join us!


Retool designers make decisions that will affect millions of people, from the developers creating software to the employees who operate it every day. Instead of designing just one product, we’re effectively designing unique software products for thousands of companies across many different verticals.

This also presents a unique design challenge. Because it’s possible to build nearly anything in Retool, we don’t have absolute control over how our users experience the product. We’re constantly seeking just the right balance between convention and configuration, between technical expressiveness and conceptual simplicity.


Retool’s visual identity is very much in its infancy with massive potential to be developed into a world class brand. As a brand designer you will play a key role in helping explore and define what that future looks like. You’ll develop a point of view on brand at a systems level, iterating through conceptual approaches towards a brand that stands out in a sea of generic SaaS businesses. We’re not interested in playing it safe—we want to win the hearts and minds of software developers. This position sits within our newly formed Brand Design team and will be a foundational member for building out brand systems.


  • Partner with design, marketing and engineering to create an extraordinary brand experience for—from launching new products to pioneering groundbreaking forms of web content
  • Help explore and maintain a flexible brand system for Retool that scales
  • Collaborate with the brand team to establish how Retool’s visual identity is strategically expressed across all experiences
  • Act as a champion for the brand and how design is applied globally
  • Partner with external illustrators, designers and agencies on creative execution and production quality
  • Design through iteration, experimentation and learned user behaviors
  • Ensure consistency in brand work across all marketing channels
  • Be an active participant in design at Retool, providing thoughtful feedback across design and product teams in critiques, reviews, and more


  • Minimum of 7 years of experience in visual design for web
  • Experience and understanding of the formal elements of graphic design—including typography, color, layout, and composition
  • Passion for branding, demonstrable through a portfolio of strong work in a variety of contexts and execution with a focus on brand systems
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively
  • A curiosity to stay educated on the latest design technologies and techniques, tempered by a desire to establish an original, opinionated style—not follow trends
  • A track record of successfully collaborating with design, marketing and business partners to translate project needs, audience insights, and constraints into informed design decisions
  • An ability to balance many simultaneous projects, independently prioritize work based on project objectives and business goals, and thrive in a fast-paced, high-growth startup environment
  • A proactive, self-starter work ethic with the ability to operate independently within a small team; Thoughtful, empathetic and creative.

Retool offers generous benefits to all employees. For more information, please visit the benefits and perks section of our careers page!

About Retool

Retool's a fast way of building internal tools (to manage deliveries, for customer support, etc.). We just hit profitability, have raised money from some great investors, including John + Patrick Collison (Stripe), Elad Gil (Color), Nat Friedman (Github), Greg Brockman (OpenAI), etc. We're looking to scale our engineering team from 15 people to around 25 this year.

Our thesis is that all internal tools have the same building blocks (tables, textinputs, dropdowns, etc.). So Retool gives you those building blocks, which you can combine and compose to make any sort of internal tool you might want. That's a lot faster than writing the same custom code, over and over again. Here's a 3 minute demo.

Our actual goal - though - is to build the future of programming. We think building boring, internal enterprise apps represents most of programming. And if you can make building these boring things a lot faster, you have a good shot at becoming what "comes after programming languages".

Team Size:300
Location:San Francisco
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Anthony Guo
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David Hsu