Google flights using credit card points and miles

Founding Backend Engineer

$100K - $150K / 0.75% - 1.50%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Zi Liu
Zi Liu

About the role

About Roame

Roame’s mission is to make travel perfect. We empower everyone to search for flights using their credit card points and miles. By constantly monitoring available flight stock, we delight millions of users by finding them their dream flights, we have saved members tens of millions in flights. We are growing extremely quickly: Hundreds of thousands of users many of which are paid — this is just the beginning.

Roame was part of Y Combinator’s Summer 2023 class.

The Role

We are hiring a full-stack/backend expert who can inform key architectural decisions and help Roame scale many orders of magnitude. You will own Roame’s innovative backend system, and help with frontend key APIs.

You’ll work closely with our ambitious and no-BS engineering team to shape the foundations of our company.


  • Own Backend and the technical build-out as we scale
  • Aid building user-facing features on frontend/mobile, improve performance and reliability in our React-based web-app
  • Improve Roame’s backend systems: build backend endpoints for application logic (e.g., search, smart user systems)

What we’re looking for

  • 5+ years of software development experience,
  • Proficiency in Golang
  • Familiarity with Mobile Systems, React, and Node.js
  • Familiarity with AWS, Google Cloud
  • Have worked on a code base at scale or created/contributed to code base at scale


Engineering problems we're solving: User customization, efficient inventory data gathering and engineering at scale, managing high outbound traffic, efficient data management, and building features on top of 3rd party data connections.

Our company culture, or why you may or may not be excited about joining us:


  • Strong work ethic is a significant competitive advantage

    As a startup we are trying to change the world and take on many large competitors. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it. Raw hours make a huge difference when facing overwhelming odds. We believe that having a strong work ethic is a competitive advantage, and we expect everyone at Roame to put in their best effort when they’re at work.

  • Going above and beyond

    Have an idea? Disagree with folks (founders)? Action speaks orders of magnitude louder than words, show us. Speaking up is not for everyone, but building to prove/disprove is. Our job is to delight our customers, anything to make their lives magical is in line with our mission. We got here because lightning struck the same place multiple times, but not without taking the first step. We can’t resist passion especially when it grows greater than ours.

  • Take ownership and be accountable

    We can rely on each member of the team to get their work done. When we say we'll do something - we get it done without anyone checking in on us. This way, we can establish a culture of trust and not micromanage each other. We are as strong as our weakest link and we aim to help one another to complete our tasks.

  • Be Nice

    We’re a family here, be nice to each other. We follow radical candor to get things done, we are a no-passive-aggressive shop, truth is hard to swallow, doesn’t mean it has to be delivered with malice. Egos are left at home, kindness is how we support each other. We are always improving at this.

  • Disagree and commit

    We can disagree and commit. Not all of our ideas will be implemented, and sometimes the group will decide to do something one of us disagrees with. Even if we disagree with the decision, we commit to getting it done. It's counterproductive to keep arguing and slow down implementation efforts; better to get it done quickly and see if it actually works instead of speculating otherwise.

About Roame

Roame is Google Flights for your credit card points and miles. We search across airlines to find the best flight redemptions to help users maximize their points.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Zi Liu
Zi Liu
Tim Qin
Tim Qin