AI Servicing for Auto Lenders

Founding Engineer

$120K - $200K / 1.00% - 1.80%
San Francisco, CA, US / Los Angeles, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Ari Malik
Ari Malik

About the role

About Us

Salient is an AI platform built for the largest auto lenders in America. With Salient, financial institutions conduct >100k calls per day a day to without human intervention in order to collect payments, catch fraud, and resolve disputes.

Our platform utilizes over 10 in-house LLMs and speech diffusion models combined with a proprietary architecture to ensure low-latency, humanlike conversations that are compliant with CFPB and SEC regulations.

You’ll be working with a seasoned founding team from Carnegie Mellon and Columbia, with a combined decade of experience at top-notch companies like Tesla, Airtable, Goldman Sachs, and Dropbox. On the back of our collective industry experience and success-to-date, we’ve raised a $4M seed round from Y Combinator, Matrix Partners, and General Catalyst, plus execs at Tesla, Stripe, Brex, and more.

We have 7 figure revenue, are cash flow profitable, and have multiple customers waiting to onboard.

About the Role

We are looking for an experienced engineer who is excited about joining our founding eng team, shaping our culture, and most importantly taking ownership over brand-new products.

You will:

  • Build out greenfield tech-heavy products for the finance industry
  • Work closely with co-founders and customers to shape roadmap
  • Much more! As a small startup, we need folks to pitch in wherever they can.

Minimum Requirements

  • Proficient in Python
  • 2+ years work experience in a fast-paced environment

About Salient

Salient is an AI workflow automation tool for lenders. We're working with the largest auto lenders in America and are hiring!

Team Size:9
Location:San Francisco
Ari Malik
Ari Malik
Mukund Tibrewala
Mukund Tibrewala