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Full Stack Developer

$60k - $80k
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3+ years
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Satya Singh
Satya Singh

About the role

Job Brief

Scispot is building the Airtable + Notion + Github for bio. We are using ML to build knowledge graphs to explain the research scientists do in a wet or computational lab. is the life science operating platform. Bio companies use Scispot to design & automate workflows and increase their scientific output by 5x. Our vision is to democratize the life science industry, so anyone from anywhere can start and scale their bio companies virtually using the Scispot toolkit.

We’re looking for a full-stack developer to join our team. We use Javascript frameworks on the front end, while AWS on the back end. We iterate daily and have a fast feedback loop. You'll grow to own the complete product roadmap.


  1. An accomplished full-stack developer with deep experience in Javascript/React, along with deep expertise in AWS. Knowledge of SQL and no SQL databases.
  2. Familiarity or proficiency with Lambda function, MQ, Java spring boot, Elastic Search, Dynamo DB, S3 bucket
  3. Familiarity with microservices-based architecture with some experience designing and building APIs (e.g., Rest APIs, GraphQL APIs)
  4. Comfortable working in a fast startup environment.
  5. You are detail-oriented but appreciate opportunity costs and are willing to reprioritize frequently.
  6. You want to be part of a scrappy, early team building, something transformative.

What will help you succeed:

  1. 3+ years of full-stack development
  2. Previous experience in a start-up
  3. Work well cross-functionally and earn trust from co-workers at all levels
  4. Mentors junior developers on the team
  5. Care deeply about mentorship and growing engineers and managers
  6. Prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones, and have a good intuition for what will last and scale
  7. Passionate about helping our customers (scientists and researchers in biotech) by building excellent products
  8. Independent and self-motivated
  9. Driven to help life science and bio companies succeed with UX that has never been built before in biotech


  1. We’re offering a competitive salary and equity to work for a fast-growing start-up that is making an impact in lifescience tech
  2. The opportunity to learn from our customers, founders, and scientists of amazing companies
  3. Work from anywhere - we are a fully remote team. Prefer Canada and India as a location

Some of our opportunities include:

  1. Building completely configurable workflows for niche, deep, and hard life science use cases
  2. Building secure and reliable tools to manage the complete lifecycle of bio R&D
  3. Designing a system to support n number of integrations. We'll be integrating with a LOT of life science apps and data as we build the operating platform
  4. Help bio companies bring scientific breakthroughs to market faster so save & enhance human lives
  5. Build the next-generation information management platform for life sciences

About the interview

Interviewing for a software role at Scispot

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Scispot’s interview process.

Here at Scispot, we’re looking for engineers who enjoy talking to customers, iterating & shipping quickly, and exhibit a strong sense of ownership and autonomy. Our small teams of engineers largely define and drive their own roadmap, and use their product sense to define and ship an MVP.

Our interview process is designed to find these kinds of engineers. Moreover, we try to ask questions that are relevant to the types of products we build -- mostly full-stack work, with a bit of database, analysis, and customer interaction. In most cases, the interview process we have is language agnostic, as we offer the opportunity to learn our stack.

Below is what to expect in our interview process. If you have questions, email us at

Phone Screen

This stage is a more informal call to get to know more about the role, and for you to evaluate whether it’s a good fit for you. We are looking for people with a strong interest in startups and motivation to help them; this is usually exhibited by past experience working at or starting one yourself.

Lastly, the conversation will cover some light technical discussion about your past projects. Mostly, we want to know that you can code and ship fairly involved systems, and speak to them with clarity on the details. This tends to be a good indication that an engineer had strong ownership and showed autonomy in making product or technical decisions.

Technical Screen

Our initial screen is intended as a first pass to assess basic programming skills.

The interview process is a deeper dive into technical abilities, product thinking and overall fit. For the “fit” portion, we are again looking for ownership and autonomy, but we also dig deeper into communication. This is evaluated throughout the process -- in how you communicate your approach, solutions and overall thinking.


The typical interview process takes a month from start to finish. This tends to be mostly based on our eng team’s availability. That said, we have moved more quickly and look to accommodate candidates who might have a short timeline or competing offers. The more information you can share about your situation and where you are in the process, the more we can either attempt to expedite/match, or save you time if we cannot.

Why you should join Scispot

Scispot is a fully configurable workflow automation platform for fast-growing life science companies. Our customers use Scispot to design and automate their workflows at all stages of their R&D, from planning, lab execution to reporting collaboratively.

Team Size:5
Location:Kitchener, Canada
Guru Singh
Guru Singh
Satya Singh
Satya Singh