Serif Health

Healthcare Price Transparency APIs and Data Products

Data Engineer

$125K - $150K / 0.25% - 0.50%
US / Remote (US)
Job Type
3+ years
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Matthew Robben
Matthew Robben

About the role

About Serif Health:

At Serif Health, we are taking the complexity out of the cost of healthcare. Our mission is to make healthcare pricing and contracting more transparent, easier to understand, fairer, and ultimately more affordable for all. New price transparency regulations have made a wealth of healthcare pricing and reimbursement data publicly available for the first time, but it is still extremely hard to ingest, organize, and actually use this data to understand the cost of care. That’s where we come in. Serif Health is building healthcare price intelligence data products and APIs to power the future of more transparent healthcare.

Our world class team aggregates, enhances, and distributes trillions of healthcare pricing data points each month for a sizable list of B2B & Enterprise customers. Thanks to our tight focus and high level of expertise, we have strong paid customer traction, high NPS and inbound referral rates, and a top 1% balance sheet.

We are excited to add new team members motivated by our mission, passionate about making a difference in healthcare, and who have a track record of being the best at what they do.

What You’ll Do:

  • Help build and sustain our data ingestion, transformation, and delivery pipelines
  • Drive investigations and analysis of transparency data to improve outlier detection, normalization, and downstream customer experience
  • Collaboratively define the data architecture and delivery processes for our company, and ensure our customer pipeline can scale and grow profitably relative to the size of our team.
  • Keep abreast of industry developments and best practices in data operations engineering

What we expect:

  • Deep familiarity with Databricks/Spark, Snowflake and similar distributed data warehousing tools.
  • Experience with Airflow, Prefect or similar ETL orchestration tools
  • Strong Python and SQL skills
  • Comfort with large data volumes (1TB+, 200BB+ rows monthly)
  • High attention to detail, strong written and verbal communication skills, and professionalism
  • An ability to work independently, move quickly, and self-manage for high impact in a small team environment.
  • Passion for problem solving and increasing affordability & transparency in the US healthcare market

What we'd love to see (Bonus):

  • Prior experience in data science, machine learning, or statistics
  • Experience working with any of the following data: electronic medical records, medical claims and explanation of -benefits, healthcare billing / coding / pricing
  • Prior commercial experience in a customer success engineering or data operations role working directly with enterprise customers

Job Location: Anywhere in the U.S. - Serif Health is a remote-first company with team members across California, Ohio, Washington, and New York. We hold company gatherings at least quarterly in rotating locations across the U.S. for team members to get to know each other and collaborate in-person.

About the interview

We’re going to cover a few real-world data processing problems we've seen in the existing payer data & pricing data set. We’d love to understand the process you’d take to solve these, understand your creative & problem solving process, and hopefully get you excited about the challenges we’re working on.

Processing data at this scale is quite performance and cost sensitive.

You'll also get the chance to meet other engineering and leadership team members via introductory chats. This is a chance for us both to understand working styles, and motivations for wanting to work in this problem space.

About Serif Health

Serif Health was founded with a mission to make the US healthcare system more transparent, efficient, and affordable for everyone - and we believe working on healthcare should be a healthy experience. We are fully remote and offering competitive salaries and equity plans. While we are headquartered in California, our team has the flexibility to work from wherever they choose as long as they’re able to join meetings remotely and complete their work.

Serif Health
Team Size:6
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Rafiq Ahmed
Rafiq Ahmed
Matthew Robben
Matthew Robben