Travel Management Meets AI

Software Engineer (LLMs)

$135K - $190K / 0.25% - 0.60%
New York, NY, US
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3+ years
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Kush Maheshwari
Kush Maheshwari

About the role

About SkyLink

SkyLink allows travelers to book and manage travel through chat or email as if they're talking to a corporate travel agent. Through recent breakthroughs in natural-language processing and generative language, our highly trained AI models are able to take colloquial English and handle complex travel itineraries and changes. We work with enterprises and Travel Management companies to drive productivity, increase booking throughput, and streamline operations. We are revenue generating and have customers.

We are backed by Menlo Ventures, Y Combinator, Human Capital, and Fortune 50 CEOs. Our board of advisor includes former CEOs of Global Travel companies.

About You

You are a rockstar engineer who loves to build complex products and systems from the ground up. You are a team player who enjoys collaborative environments but is not afraid to voice their opinion. You have a strong architectural sense and have a demonstrated ability to turn architecture into code. You thrive in ambiguous settings and know how to balance tech debt and "doing things right". You want to be part of a small, fast-paced, and energetic team looking to impact global travel.

About the role

We are looking for an ML/NLP engineer who will be instrumental in creating a top-tier AI travel management platform. The perfect candidate will bring a wealth of experience, with 7-10 years in Software Engineering and at least 3 years specialized in NLP and chatbot creation. They should have a passion for leveraging transformer technology to enhance the capabilities of new chatbots and possess a keen interest in applying their expertise to the travel domain.

A great fit:

  • Strong understanding of ML concepts (NLP, LLMs, model training, finetuning, GPT, embeddings, etc)
  • Has architected and built chatbots and/or NLP systems
  • Is familiar with LLMs through APIs (OpenAI, etc) and with standing up your own models
  • Has strong prompting skills and is working on bettering them everyday
  • Ability to curate, test, and maintain datasets
  • Strong programming skills (Python)
  • Is scrappy, knows how to ship, and values progress over perfection
  • Wants to set, maintain, and adhere to great software engineering standards (comments, testing, documentation, high quality review)
  • Is just as excited to code and build as they are to architect and design software
  • Wants to deeply understand technical domains and work on large-scale challenges
  • Wants ownership and autonomy in a role that will supercharge your growth both professionally and personally

You will:

  • Work with transformer models to architect and design a chatbot for corporate travel
  • Build a hierarchical based LLM orchestration layer
  • Determine Intents and maintainable chat workflows from those intents
  • Create and maintain multiple datasets for travel chat conversations
  • Build and deploy both general and fine tuned models across cloud infrastructure
  • Build individual preferences into our system

Tech Stack

  • LLMs: OpenAI and Hugging Face
  • Backend: Python, Django, Celery, Redis, Postgres
  • Frontend: React, Typescript
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Docker


  • Healthcare
  • New laptop of your choice.
  • 401(K) Plan
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Hybrid in New York City

About the interview

Introduction zoom chat with a cofounder

This is an informal call for us to meet each other and get to know one another. The conversation will cover some light technical discussion about your past projects and your ability to code and build fairly involved systems. We would like to hear details about those projects and both your product and technical decisions (good or bad) which show ownership and autonomy. We also want to understand what you are looking for in your next role and why you are interested in early-stage startups. You will get to ask us about the role and learn about what working at SkyLink will feel like.

Two technical interviews

These technical interviews will give you an ability to show off your NLP and ML skills and your ability to think about and design real world chatbots with LLMs. We will also evaluate your ability to critically think, create complex backends, and scale real world systems.


About SkyLink

SkyLink is an AI-based Travel Management Company

Team Size:12
Location:New York
Atyab Bhatti
Atyab Bhatti
Kush Maheshwari
Kush Maheshwari