Restaurant Data for the Enterprise

Jobs at Spice

San Francisco, CA, US
$80K - $110K
0.20% - 1.00%
Any (new grads ok)

Why you should join Spice

  • The world’s largest companies are buying more external data
  • We license data to leading F500 enterprises
  • Our product is not a particular dataset, but rather the ability to quickly collect, clean, and reliably provide high-quality data over time
  • We're currently focused on the restaurant industry
  • Founded in 2019 by Richard Kreger (CEO, enterprise sales) and Cameron Cairns (CTO, software engineer)
  • Very small team, all San Francisco-based
  • Raised only from YC and a couple angels (i.e. minimal dilution)
  • Profitable
Team Size:
Location:San Francisco
Richard Kreger
Richard Kreger