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Product Engineer

$140K - $180K / 0.20% - 0.80%
New York, NY, US
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3+ years
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Edoardo Serra
Edoardo Serra

About the role

About Stepful

Stepful partners with healthcare institutions to build talent pipelines and career pathways. We are reimagining allied healthcare training with a digital-first environment for student cohorts that prepare job-ready graduates five times faster, at a fraction of the cost. Stepful graduates, primarily from underrepresented communities, go on to work at leading healthcare institutions and report an average 25% income increase after just four months of training. Stepful is backed by Y Combinator and recently closed a round led by AlleyCorp, Reach Capital, and Sempervirens.

Engineering at Stepful

At Stepful, each product engineer is empowered to lead feature-development from end to end. From design, spec, and full-stack development, to data-driven iteration. We encourage engineers to share their best ideas & discuss over alternatives.

Our success metrics (graduation, certification, and placement rate) are directly driven by how well our technology helps our students to overcome their learning challenges. Each engineering project at Stepful is data driven and it’s strictly tied to a core success metric.

What You’ll Work On

Stepful is building a world-class education platform:

  • Online learning website and mobile-app. We are building a full featured Learning Management System, with world-class UI, adaptive learning quizzes, peer to peer learning (group projects, games, etc.), and much more!
  • A flexible Content Management System powered by Generative AI
  • Automated and scalable career services, like AI powered resume editing & placement services at scale
  • An efficient operation platform for instructors, TAs, coaches, & operators to increase student success

What You’ll Own

  • Build product features end to end: design the data model, design and build the APIs, add frontend components, work closely with the product team to converge on the specs, work with the design team to converge on the best User eXperience
  • Build the instrumentation to measure users behavior and iterate obsessively over the User eXperience
  • Build and maintain a robust data infrastructure to help the team make data-driven product improvements

Who You’ll Work with

  • We generally get 80% of the impact with 20% of the effort, and sometimes, we need that to iterate faster. You will work with our product function and take ownership of the product development cycle end to end, starting with drafting specs, getting input from the team and shipping features to our students.
  • You will support our student experience team on the frontlines with finding clever solutions to problems our students face.

What You’ll Need

  • 5+ years of experience in full-stack engineering roles (startups preferred)
  • Solid understanding of computer science fundamentals
  • Experience in building features end to end: iterate on the specs, define the data model, design and implement the backend APIs, build the frontend components.
  • Our stack is primarily Ruby on Rails, React and PostgreSQL. Professional experience in these or similar technologies is required.
  • We integrate with several 3rd party services (Zoom, Twilio, Calendly, Stripe, Typeform, Hubspot, Slack, Freshdesk,, etc… ). Experience in integrating with external API is highly desirable.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills that enhance collaboration in a hybrid work setting

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about and disrupt the status quo of vocational education with your own contribution
  • The leaders and teammates you will work with come from the most successful startups and big corporates in tech, their diversity offers an unique perspective on solving the main challenges of EdTech

We are an equal opportunity employer and consider all qualified applicants equally without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or disability status. We offer competitive salaries, equity packages, benefits and health insurance.

Salary range are indicative and for US based employment.

About Stepful

Stepful is on a mission to revolutionize vocational education. We train people with a high school education in 4 months or less and places them into healthcare jobs. Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the US accounting for 40% of all jobs added including medical assistants, nursing assistants, and phlebotomists.

Team Size:11
Location:New York
Tressia Hobeika
Tressia Hobeika
Carl Madi
Carl Madi
Edoardo Serra
Edoardo Serra