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Frontend Engineer, Identity at Stripe

United States / Remote
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6+ years
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About the role

Before Stripe, every growing internet platform had a payments team. Today, every growing internet platform has an Identity/Risk team. Identity verification is a core piece of economic infrastructure for online businesses.

We’ve built an identity solution that helps businesses maintain trust & safety. Our identity product needs to securely handle sensitive personal information while ensuring a great and fast user experience. But there are still many unsolved problems to tackle in both online and offline risk, and we’re looking for talented engineers to solve these challenges with us.

We’re looking for someone who is not only well-versed in web frontend development, but also has strong UX/product sensibilities and enjoys working closely with world class designers, product managers, and data scientists.

Join us to build the service that empowers platforms to take the burden and cost out of identity verifications and scale globally with ease.

You might work on: Create beautiful web surfaces and interactive dashboard experiences using technologies such as React, JavaScript, CSS and GraphQL Scope, design, and lead technical projects, laying the groundwork for early-stage products to iteratively evolve and scale Ensure our UI components and libraries are reliable, secure, extensible and accessible Improving frontend tech stack to dramatically reduce load times and bundle size Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack with an eye towards improving maintainability over the long term Collaborate with stakeholders across the company including engineering, product, operations, finance, data science, accounting, sales, and operations

Why you should join Stripe

Stripe is an American technology company that allows individuals and businesses to make and receive payments over the Internet. It is based in San Francisco, California.