Strive Math

Online Coding School for Kids 8-16

Part-time: Coding teacher | Extracurricular coding classes for kids (Singapore)

$5.7K - $12K
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1+ years
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Pulkit Agarwal
Pulkit Agarwal

About the role

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Role | Teaching kids coding after school

We teach coding at various international schools in Singapore and we are looking for an enthusiastic teacher that can deliver those lessons.

Many kids find coding boring, many more are afraid, and even more think they are not “smart enough” to learn it. These kids will be left behind in an increasingly tech-driven world.

You will have the opportunity to transform kids’ lives by fundamentally reframing their confidence and perception of coding. You’ll give these kids 1 -2 joyful hours a week, where they will learn not only that they are smart enough to learn to code but that the process itself is incredibly fun.

Some more details

  • Teach kids ages 8-16 how to code in Python/Scratch in small group classes after school, on school premises.
  • We provide you with all lesson material beforehand, which means minimal prep time.
  • As a teacher, your role will be to guide the students to write the code for the full project, in a way that they can proudly say “I did this myself” or “we did this together”. This will require a lot of patience, empathy, and the skill of coaching. You’ll be problem solving and learning together along the way, and often our teachers learn a lot from their students.

Who you are

We're looking for someone who meets the minimum requirements to be considered for the role. If you meet these requirements, you are encouraged to apply.

Minimum requirements

  • You are fluent in any coding language.
  • You have a lot of energy, enthusiasm and patience and a passion for working with kids.
  • Must be able to commit to at least 2 days of after-school in-person teaching a week (2hrs per day).
  • Must be available on any 2 days of the week, Monday-Friday between 3-6pm SGT.
  • Must be based in Singapore.


  • You know how to code in Python
  • You’ve taught coding before
  • You’ve taught kids in person before
  • You own an iPad/tablet

Why you should apply

🌍 Work alongside a global team of passionate educators dedicated to making a difference in kids' lives.

🕐 Earn money on a flexible schedule that allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

🧠 Deepen your coding skills as you master programming concepts by teaching them to eager students.

👨‍🏫 Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs out there, you'll experience the joy of empowering students and witnessing their smiles of accomplishment.


  • This is a part-time-time role that typically involves at least 4 hours of work per week
    • Any applicant who is not available on 2 weekdays (Mon-Fri) between 3-6pm SGT would not be considered
  • Location: All classes will take place on school premises around Singapore, and you will be expected to arrange your own travel to and from the schools
    • We may occasionally ask you to attend in-person events on weekends
    • You will also have the option to teach online classes from home in your own time

Pay | S$25 - 50 SGD

  • Hourly pay between 25-50 SGD based on experience, ensuring competitive compensation that recognizes your expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional education.


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The process

  1. Initial application form (2 minutes)
  2. Short teaching demo (5-15 minutes)
  3. Interview (30 minutes)
  4. Accepted into paid training* (1-4 hours)
  5. Final interview in person (60 minutes)
  6. 👨‍🏫 Hired and teaching your first student

*Get paid S$50 training fee for attending and passing the training (paid after teaching 10 hours of Strive classes post-training)

It is mandatory to fill out the above application form, and only those applications will be considered

About Strive Math

Strive is an online coding school for kids (8-16). We help students start and commit to their coding journeys by making coding fun and exciting. We focus, above all else, on making the process of learning joyful.

  • We’re starting with coding, but we’re building the content and platform to redefine STEM education globally by teaching math, science, and other school subjects through coding.
  • We believe we can only make education joyful if we ourselves are joyful, so creating a fun and exciting work environment is one of our core values. We’re a remote-first company with teachers and employees from South Africa, Singapore, India, the USA, and the Philippines.
  • We’re a well-funded startup backed by YCombinator and early investors of Spotify and Facebook.

Watch this video to see the founders talk about Strive Math

Strive Math
Team Size:13
Location:Singapore, Singapore
Pulkit Agarwal
Pulkit Agarwal