Open source alternative to Auth0 / AWS Cognito / Firebase Auth

Backend Engineer

$45K - $65K
DE / ES / Barcelona, CT, ES / HU / BG / PL / RO / AM / Remote (DE; ES; Barcelona, CT, ES; HU; BG; PL; RO; AM)
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3+ years
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Advait Ruia
Advait Ruia

About the role

SuperTokens builds open-source user authentication. For developers building apps that want users to be able to sign up for the app, they have to build the signup page and other user authentication functionality. SuperTokens offers that out of the box. We enable developers to focus on their core product and integrate user authentication in under 1 hour.

SuperTokens is being used by 1000+ developers across the globe and we are working with some of the world's largest companies.

We're growing 30-40% MoM on adoption metrics and are in the early stages of monetization. This is the perfect time to join and get some equity in our company.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Working on our backend SDKs and the SuperTokens core.
  • Working with two or more of these languages (node with TS, python, golang, java)
  • Architecting new features:
  • Database schema and query design
  • API Spec design with Swagger
  • Developer experience optimisation
  • Researching existing solutions and / or official protocol specifications.
  • Documentation writing (internal and external)
  • Writing unit / e2e tests

Requirements :

  • 4+ years of development experience
  • Knows any two of node with TS, Python, Golang, Java
  • SQL database knowledge - schema & query design, transactions, row level locking.
  • Experience building multi threaded systems.
  • Experience with architecture and taking ownership of a feature / module.
  • Proficiency with git, linux / mac CLI, Slack / microsoft teams, VSCode / Intellij code editor, Postman.
  • Familiarity with any one of GCP, AWS or Azure.
  • Familiarity with at least one of trello, jira, github issues / PRs, Zenhub, or any other project management software.
  • English as your native language.
  • Consistent with work timings.
  • Bonus if you have some experience with authentication - either building it in house / for a side project / extensively using one of the existing auth services.

Bonus :

  • Contributed to open-source projects or have your own open-source repo with a growing community and many GitHub stars.
  • Worked on authentication or authorization solutions such as Keycloak, Auth0, Ory, or Okta.
  • Know any of these languages-Rust, Haskell, Lisp, Elm.

Why join us :

  • Remote work and flexible timings.
  • Network: We are backed by Y Combinator. Have access to some of the best and smartest founders in the world.
  • Career: Growth, Promotions, market compensation, and frequent increases in compensation.
  • Our market is large: Opportunity to scale to over $1B in ARR.
  • Universally used: From Individual developers building side projects to enterprises that have raised over $100M raised, we have users of all sizes.
  • SuperTokens is open source - this has multiple learnings, opportunities, and challenges
  • Our product is interesting in that it's not another mobile or web app. It will form a core infrastructure layer for our users.
  • In terms of funding: We've closed our seed round from a top-tier US VC firm that specialises in early-stage devtools and was over-subscribed.
  • In terms of user growth: We've seen 50+% MoM growth over the last couple of months and have companies across the board using SuperTokens in production. We've had apps migrate from Auth0, Firebase, and Cognito to SuperTokens and are excited by the current momentum.

About the interview

Screening Stage: 30-45 minutes

  • Initial Assessment: We will discuss your background, experience, and motivations.
  • Behavioural Questions: Be prepared to demonstrate your problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership skills.
  • Fit Assessment: We will evaluate how well you align with our company culture and values.

Live Coding Stage: 90 minutes

  • Technical Questions: You will solve coding problems and demonstrate your expertise.
  • Coding Collaboration: Some interviews involve working together to solve a problem.
  • Time Constraints: Practise efficient problem-solving and coding under time pressure.

Tech Deep Dive Stage: 90 minutes

  • Technical Discussions: Expect questions on specific topics, like architecture or design patterns.
  • System Design: You might be asked to design a system or tackle a complex problem.
  • Knowledge Assessment: Your understanding of relevant technologies and concepts.

About SuperTokens

SuperTokens is building open source authentication (as an alternative to Auth0, Firebase and AWS Cognito). Add secure, hassle free authentication to your app in 1 day. We enable startups to launch quicker and focus on their core product offering

  1. We're easier to implement as we take a modular approach - making it possible to pick only the features you need for your use case. This means you need not worry about complications associated with other features (eg: SSO and OAuth if you don’t need it) and this in turn makes it easier to implement and manage SuperTokens.
  2. Developer's can own and manage their user's data.
  3. SuperTokens can be run on your premise for free and also has a generous hosted tier for those who dont want to manage it themselves.

SuperTokens is being used by hundreds of developers across the globe.

Our medium-term goal is to build an open-core authentication solution that is secure, flexible, and most importantly, is very simple to use.

Team Size:10
Location:San Francisco
Rishabh Poddar
Rishabh Poddar
Advait Ruia
Advait Ruia