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Technical Content Marketer

US / Remote (US)
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3+ years
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Tom Hacohen
Tom Hacohen

About the role


As a Technical Content Marketer at Svix, you will help lead our marketing and content strategies as well as write a lot of content yourself. Your mission is to increase user acquisition and help further build Svix into a strong, well known engineering brand. You will achieve this by creating content that engineers find interesting and informative and by engaging on a variety of engineering topics; as well as conceiving other marketing strategies.

Joining Svix now is getting the best of both worlds. It's early enough to make a significant impact on the trajectory of the company, but we already have significant revenue and are used by some of the world's best companies. This is a unique opportunity to help shape our content strategy and the developer-facing voice of Svix.


  • Increase in signups from organic sources (e.g. people seeing and sharing our content).
  • Help position Svix as a strong, well known engineering brand.
  • Write content that resonates with engineers (e.g. on HN/reddit) on a regular cadence.
  • Create high quality content pieces about Svix and other engineering topics (newsletter, State of Webhooks, etc.).
  • Bonus:
    • Come up with additional marketing strategies to help Svix's growth goals.
    • Help write other content that increases user activation and production adoption (e.g. onboarding emails).


  • You have previously written content that resonated with developers (e.g. hit the front page of HN with a good discussion around it).
  • You have previously written content on a regular basis following a cadence (blog, newsletter, or similar).
  • You love writing, and you write engaging and interesting content that people enjoy reading.
  • You are able to write basic code (even something as small as a Discord bot).
  • You "know developers". You know what developers want to read about and how to write it.
  • You are a team player that is able to collaborate with team members across product, engineering, sales, and marketing.

Additional information

  • Help develop the content strategy of a fast growing startup trusted by the world's best companies, and backed by the world's best investors.
  • Unlimited potential for personal growth and wearing many hats.
  • Work directly with our founder and CEO.

About Svix

Svix is SendGrid for webhooks. Webhooks are becoming increasingly important, though they are still a pain to build. Developers need to worry about deliverability, retries, monitoring, security and the developer experience for their users. All of which are different for webhooks compared to the rest of the stack. We turn all of that into a simple API call.

We are well funded and are backed by Y Combinator, Aleph, and founders and CTOs of companies such as Github, PagerDuty, Segment, Lookout and

Team Size:10
Location:New York
Tom Hacohen
Tom Hacohen