API for developers to connect to health data from wearables and…

Hackathon Strategist

$50K - $80K / 0.10% - 0.35%
San Francisco, CA, US / London, England, GB
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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About the role

You are a relentless Hackathon Strategist who leads our developer community and dominates the hackathon scene. You'll be the critical link between our product and developers, ensuring their feedback shapes our roadmap. Plus, you’ll organize intense fitness challenges for the top hackers at premier hackathons.

## What You'll Do

- Hackathon Dominator: Lead our charge at top hackathons like Stanford, MIT, Imperial, and Harvard.

- Fitness Guru: Plan and execute pushups, pull-ups, and other wild fitness activities for elite hackers.

- Community Builder: Engage in forums, social media, and events to build a loyal developer base.

- Content Creator: Develop tutorials, blog posts, and documentation that make our products indispensable.

- Developer Advocate: Relay developer insights to our product and engineering teams.

- Technical Support: Solve issues, provide guidance, and ensure developer success.

- Brand Ambassador: Represent Terra at conferences, meetups, and webinars. Be the trusted face for developers.

## Who You Are

- Technical Expert: You have an engineering background and are an active hacker. You understand developer tools.

- Exceptional Communicator: You can explain complex technical concepts with ease.

- Content Wizard: Your technical content is clear, concise, and engaging.

- Community Builder: You've fostered vibrant developer communities.

- Fitness Enthusiast: Passionate about fitness and can inspire others.

- Problem Solver: Quick thinker who can troubleshoot and resolve issues efficiently.

Here’s how to learn more

About Terra

What we do

Terra is an API that makes it easy for apps to connect to wearables. Currently, apps and developers in the fitness, wellness, sleep, and other health spaces are using us. Terra was launched in early 2021, and since then we’ve been growing like crazy. But this is just the beginning.

The goal and vision

Think if Spotify and Netflix create music and movies based on your heart rate, and stress levels, in real time. We want to enable apps to achieve that reality, through our super easy to use API.


To achieve our grand goal, we couldn’t have made it without the support from some incredible investors. We are lucky enough to be supported by General Catalyst, Samsung NEXT, Next Ventures and we were part of Y-Combinator’s W21 batch.

Do you want to learn more about the team? Check this, and learn who we are here

Team Size:25
Location:London, United Kingdom
Kyriakos Eleftheriou
Kyriakos Eleftheriou