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Jobs at Together Software

Toronto, Canada or Vancouver, Canada
$160k - $160k
Any (new grads ok)

Why you should join Together Software

Who we are

Together creates software for enterprises to run internal employee mentoring programs. Our top use cases include launching an onboarding buddy program, first-time manager mentoring, or high potential talent and diversity programs. For example, the United Nations uses Together to connect employees globally (e.g. Colombia with Italy) over guided sessions to discuss future assignments, rotations, navigating the massive UN system, etc.

We are a Y Combinator Summer 2019 company with ~10 employees, and our customers include Disney, United Nations, Reddit and more.


To make employees and their companies more capable.

Meet the team

Why should somebody consider working at Together Software?
Together is an amazing place to work if you are looking to drive meaningful impact & work with a brilliant, hardworking team. I spent my last 5 years at Google & Facebook before joining Together, and its been one of the best decisions in my career.
Matthew Sicoly, Director of Customer Success
Current Employee
What do you love most about working at Together Software?
The impact. Together gave me the opportunity to solve problems that impacted all of their users. Despite only being an intern, I contributed beyond my role and was involved in building solutions from end-to-end, from the planning stages all the way to launch.
Brandon Law, UX Design Intern
Former Employee
What did you learn while working at Together Software?
The value of teamwork. It is incredible to see each department working alongside one another to generate "wins" for the company. The team interacts SO well together and it makes work so much more enjoyable knowing that you are all working your hardest to achieve a common goal.
Marcus Butters, Account Executive
Current Employee
What did you learn while working at Together Software?
This has been the best career move for me to learn to think strategically, talk to users, and ship a lot of product quickly. It's truly is learning by doing. We keep evolving and adapting our product strategy and process. It's been great seeing our projects' impact turn into real growth!
Tyler Benning, Product Design Lead
Current Employee
Together Software
Team Size:25
Location:Toronto, Canada
Nathan Goldstein
Nathan Goldstein
Matthew Reeves
Matthew Reeves