A construction payroll platform designed for same-day pay.

Solutions Engineer

$80K - $110K / 0.10% - 0.25%
New York, NY, US / Remote (US)
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3+ years
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Cara Kessler
Cara Kessler

About the role

What is Trayd?

Trayd is a construction payroll platform and back office management system designed for same-day pay. We allow the 7M construction workers in the US to get access to their earned wages 7-10 days sooner than legacy payroll providers. With a unique spin on traditional payroll, Trayd is on a mission to create back office efficiencies for commercial subcontractors while simultaneously addressing the significant labor shortage affecting the $2.1TR North American construction industry. Trayd is based in New York and backed by Y Combinator.

The problem we're solving

As a B2B2C company, we are solving two major problems. Our dual-focus addresses both subcontractors and their workers. For subcontractors, we streamline back office tasks and incentivize the workforce to reduce turnover. For workers, we provide timely payment options, creating financial opportunity through access and control.

About the role

We invite an ambitious solutions engineer to be an integral part of Trayd. We are currently a 6 person team across tech, product, and sales, so you'll be pivotal in keeping this organization running and our customers happy and successful. As Trayd evolves, you will play a key role in expanding the solutions engineering and customer success orgs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Strategic Product Consultation: Offer personalized product guidance to clients, ensuring they leverage our platform to its fullest potential, thereby enhancing their operational effectiveness.
  • Mastery of Trayd’s Offerings: Become an expert in our extensive range of products and services. Utilize this expertise to efficiently resolve customer issues, bridge product functionality gaps, and contribute to the continuous enhancement of our offerings.
  • Customer Advocacy and Insight: Serve as the dedicated liaison for our clients, and representing the voice of the customer within the company. Your insights will be pivotal in refining our sales strategy, informing our product development roadmap, and helping to shape Trayd to be the product of our customers’ dreams.
  • Leadership in Customer Onboarding: Assume responsibility for the customer onboarding process, from facilitating trial setups to ensuring a seamless migration onto our platform. This role will be pivotal in shaping the customer's first impressions and long-term success with Trayd.
  • Proactive Customer Engagement: Initiate meaningful interactions with clients through well-timed outbound communication, including calls and emails. These engagements could range from critical early interactions within the first 90 days, to continuous education on features they might not know about.
  • Foundational Development for Solution Engineering: Spearhead the creation of tools and systems essential for scaling the Solutions Engineering team. This is a brand new team and you will have direct responsibility in building the foundation for the team and driving its success.

Why you should join Trayd

Trayd is bigger than construction payroll. It's the promise that the hardest working people get access to their money, as and when they need it, creating greater financial wellness across the board. Not only that, we are pioneering digital cash access for a demographic traditionally overlooked while simultaneously modernizing operations in an industry that has been slow to adapt. The challenges and opportunities with Trayd are abundant, promising an engaging journey ahead.

Our organization is still incredibly small. The co-founders have been best friends since childhood, and we treat everyone we work with as part of our family. We value individuals who are proactive, big thinkers, and are driven towards building the future they want to see.

What we're looking for

  • 3-5 years experience, with at least 2 of those in roles that directly interact with clients. Prior experience in similar positions will be considered a significant advantage.
  • Technical proficiency, particularly in script execution, troubleshooting via developer tools, and basic database management and SQL skills, allowing for streamlined operational efficiency
  • A master relationship builder who excels at navigating challenges with both our team and our customers, fostering strong, productive relationships.
  • An analytical and organized thinker with exceptional writing, presenting, and execution skills. You should excel in environments that require cross-functional teamwork and shine in collaborative settings.
  • A dynamic and innovative problem solver, brimming with creativity and enthusiasm for tackling challenges head-on.
  • A proven success record in pitching and implementing complex solutions for large-scale clients, ensuring these solutions are not just adopted but also effectively deployed.


  • 2+ years of experience in a similar role (solutions consultant, sales engineering, developer advocate/support) and a broad technical background across different industries
  • Experience tinkering or developing in Typescript and Node
  • Comfortable speaking Spanish

About the interview

Day 1:

  • Interview with CTO: This initial call allows the CTO to learn more about your prior experience and assess your fit for the role. There will be a practical exercise where you will be asked to troubleshoot a technical issue you might encounter in the role. If it is a good fit, I will give a short project or task that involves creating an automation script or workflow. If there are any projects or pieces of specific work you think highlight your expertise, feel free to send them ahead of this interview so we can talk through them in detail.

Day 2:

  • Meeting with CEO: You will have the opportunity to meet with the CEO to discuss your potential role and further assess the alignment between your goals and Trayd's vision.

Overall Timeline: The entire interview process at Trayd is designed to be efficient and completed within one business week. By compressing the process, we aim to provide timely feedback and ensure a streamlined experience for candidates.

If you have any additional questions or require further information, please let us know at

About Trayd

Trayd is a B2B fintech/SaaS platform designed specifically for commercial real estate subcontractors, providing:

  1. A modern workforce management platform that features time-tracking tools that power a streamlined payroll automation, creating efficiencies across time and pay
  2. Earned wage access to workers via weekly direct deposit payments and/or instant, same-day cash-out.

Our obsessive trait is making sure our people get money the second the want it. For workers, we will get them paid within seconds, opening up power over their cashflow for the first time ever

What problem are we solving

As a B2B2C company, we are solving two major problems. For construction subcontractors, we are alleviating back office workflows that are slowing them down, while simultaneously incentivizing their workforce to minimize attrition. For workers, we are getting them paid when and how they need it.

Team Size:4
Location:New York
Anna Berger
Anna Berger
Cara Kessler
Cara Kessler