Automation platform for logistics

Full Stack Software Engineer

$100K - $200K
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Mike Carter
Mike Carter

About the role

Enterprise software is in the midst of a revolution. The world is shifting from “systems of record” to “systems of automation” - LLM powered agents and orchestrators that perform complex business tasks on behalf of and in concert with humans, with increasing levels of autonomy.

The opportunity for AI agents is dramatically larger than the opportunity for pure software; businesses spend orders of magnitude more on labor than on traditional forms of software. Every major vertical will begin to adopt AI labor, and we believe the most important companies of the AI revolution will be the ones that lead this shift.

Vooma’s mission is to build the AI Agent for America’s $800+ BN trucking industry.

Everything we touch in the physical world is moved on a truck - it’s the backbone of the US economy. Yet logistics today is still extremely manual, which makes it one of the hungriest industries for the shift toward AI Agents.

Vooma is backed by top-tier investors and CEOs, founders and executives from Nolan, Arrive, MoLo, NFI, Convoy, Uber Freight, Motive, Loop, OTR Capital, Project44, Trucker Tools and more. We have enterprise contracts with many of the largest freight businesses in the US.

This is a rare opportunity for you to join a talented and experienced team at the ground level to build a transformational company for a critical industry.

About the tech

At Vooma, you’ll harness the power of LLMs to transform the way freight is executed. You’ll work with us to combine the latest in computer vision, natural language and autonomous systems  to build robust AI behaviors and stunning product experiences for logistics teams that weren’t previously possible.

You’ll work with a modern web stack (Next.js, GraphQL, Node) and a cutting-edge AI stack (OpenAI, Anthropic, Open-Source models). You’ll code primarily in Typescript and Python.

About the role

Your role, should you choose to join us, will be a Full Stack Software Engineer in our founding team.

You’re the right person for this role if you’re excited to build not just stunning products, but help shape the company’s trajectory from early days.

You’re a good fit if you’re the type of person that is known by your peers to move mountains and make progress, no matter the circumstances. The ambiguity of early stage company building is thrilling to you, and you’re excited by the challenge of breathing life into things that didn’t exist before.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing and implementing AI behaviors, along with the data and processing infrastructure to scale with our customers
  • Working with customers across logistics to understand their needs, and design the tools that enable the AI-based workflows of the future
  • Working closely with the founders to design, hire, and build the company from seed to success

You likely have:

  • Experience and / or appetite for working at a startup
  • Built and scaled a web-based product
  • Implemented and maintained frontend and/or backend technology stacks through stages of growth
  • Expertise in cloud infrastructure platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Eagerness to wear multiple hats, lead new initiatives, learn new technologies, and get it done; whatever it is


  • The rare opportunity to join a formidable team to build an enduring company, in person, as a first 10 employee
  • Competitive compensation
  • Significant equity upside
  • Medical / dental / vision


This role is based in person in San Francisco, CA (not remote).

About Vooma

We're building the AI Agent for logistics

The first "skill" we built for the Vooma Agent automates order entry from shippers, which is the process of reading emails and keying in details about a load. It's a ubiquitous and expensive pain point for brokers and carriers, and the perfect wedge for building our broader platform.

The second skill we launched automates quoting. For every truckload that our customers move, they quote on many more, often by email. By embedding in a user's email inbox, Vooma is able to automate most of the quoting process, and surface critical funnel data that has historically been hidden in thousands of emails.

We've raised our seed round from Tier 1 investors and leading industry angels. We have enterprise contracts with leading logistics companies. Our team is made up of top talent from AI research and autonomous vehicles.

Our team

Vooma is founded by Jesse Buckingham and Mike Carter. Mike built self driving trucks as a founding engineer at Kodiak Robotics (raised $250M) where he established and led their motion planning and safety teams. Jesse was previously CEO at a private equity backed logistics software company that sold to brokers and truckers which he grew from $2M to $20M+ ARR.

Our values

  • Aim High
  • Action Over Thinking
  • Full Force, Sharp Arrow
  • Long Term Games, With Long Term People
  • Tag, You’re It
  • Embrace Candor
  • Float Like A Butterfly
  • Get Your Hands Dirty
  • We’re A Business
  • All-Star Team
Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Jesse Buckingham
Jesse Buckingham
Mike Carter
Mike Carter