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Customer Success Lead

€40K - €55K EUR
Paris, IDF, FR / Remote (FR)
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6+ years
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Raphael Goldsztejn
Raphael Goldsztejn

About the role


WeWeb is a no-code web application builder. It offers a powerful drag-and-drop editor for building user interfaces visually and can be configured with any backend. Our platform allows an extraordinary acceleration of front-end development.

The company surfs on the fast growth of the API economy and the low-code / no-code market. Today, we work with thousands of customers, including, but not limited to, web agencies, indie hackers, IT teams, and global Enterprises such as PwC or L’Oréal.


We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Customer Success Lead to join our team. While this role will start as an individual contributor, it will evolve into a Customer Success team management role. This role is pivotal in ensuring customer success across all customer segments, including individual users, SMEs, and Enterprise customers.

The Customer Success Lead will be at the frontline of our communication with the community, ensuring customer satisfaction through prompt issue resolution, active engagement, training, and feedback collection for continuous product and service improvement.

This is a great position for an ambitious candidate ready to play a key role in the scale of a world-leading no-code software. Now is the time to seize the opportunity!

👉 More details about the role:

  • Multi-Channel Support Management: Oversee and manage customer support across various channels, including our ticketing system, online community (Discourse), live chat (Crisp), and premium support for Enterprise customers over Slack and IRL training.
  • Enterprise Customer Focus: Provide dedicated training and support to Enterprise customers, ensuring high quality product training sessions, timely response to issues, actively seeking product/service feedback, and conducting regular product/service reviews.
  • Feedback Loop Coordination: Act as a liaison between customers and the product team, channeling customer feedback into actionable insights for product development and service enhancements.
  • Team Leadership: Lead and motivate the customer support team, fostering a culture of excellence, empathy, and continuous improvement.
  • Performance Monitoring: Track and analyze support metrics across all channels to identify trends, areas for improvement, and implement strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Training and Development: Ensure the customer team is well-trained in the latest product features, support tools, and customer service best practices.

⚡️About the organization:

  • You will directly report to the Head of Sales & Support.
  • Your job will be transversal as you will work closely with the product and engineering organizations on a daily basis.
  • WeWeb is a remote company with team members in the USA, France, Belgium, and Croatia. We collaborate over Gather and Slack and do in-person offsites throughout the year.


👩‍💻 👨‍💻 Profile:

We're looking for someone who would love to be at the intersection of customer success, product management, and engineering. Someone with genuine enthusiasm for WeWeb and its potential to solve customer problems, along with a passion for staying informed about industry trends and competitors.

  • Customer-centric mindset: You can understand and share customers' feelings, anticipating their needs and concerns. You prioritize customers’ needs and act as their voice within the company, ensuring product and service improvements align with customer expectations.
  • Technical Aptitude: You are capable and willing to gain a deep understanding of the WeWeb platform, its features, and its capabilities to solve customer issues and guide them effectively. You are comfortable with technology and can quickly learn and adapt to new tools and software that improve customer success processes.
  • Communication Skills: You can communicate clearly and effectively in written and verbal forms, making complex information understandable. You pay close attention to customer feedback and queries, understanding their underlying needs and concerns.
  • Leadership and Team Management: You can set clear goals and inspire the customer success team to achieve them, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. You are skilled in hiring, training, and managing a customer success team, ensuring they are motivated and equipped to meet customer needs.
  • Analytical and Strategic Thinking: You use data analytics to track customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention metrics, making informed decisions to enhance customer success strategies. You also identify challenges and obstacles facing customers and the team and devise effective solutions and strategies to overcome them.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: You can adapt strategies and approaches in response to changing market trends, customer needs, and feedback. You maintain composure and effectiveness under pressure and demonstrate resilience in facing challenges and setbacks.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in customer success roles, with at least 2 years in a leadership position.
  • Proven track record of managing customer success across multiple channels, including ticketing systems, online communities, live chat, and direct messaging platforms.
  • Strong understanding of the SaaS industry and no-code platforms.
  • You are a native French speaker and fluent in English.
  • Above all, you must be incredibly proactive and helpful.


  • We offer a caring work environment together with a full remote policy.
  • The compensation is composed of a competitive salary and a strong equity package.
  • We offer lunch tickets where possible.
  • The company’s health insurance will cover you.
  • You will get the latest equipment (Macbook or PC)
  • This role is a full-time position and can be 100% remote.
  • Starting date: as soon as possible.

About the interview


  • If your application is selected, our CPO will contact you for a first chat (30mn).

  • We’ll give you a short use case to prepare for a second interview, during which we'll assess your skills. The head of sales & support will participate in this second interview.

  • If you do a great job - which we bet you will! - you will have a final interview with the three co-founders, Marc (CTO), Florian (CPO) & Raphaël (CEO).

  • If we are all happy with the process we will send you a detailed job offer and hope you will join!

About weweb.io

WeWeb is a no-code web-application builder. It offers a powerful drag-and-drop editor to build user interfaces and front-end logic visually. It can be configured with any back-end and outputs clean standard code that can be deployed on any infrastructure. The product allows an extraordinary acceleration of front-end developments.

Team Size:12
Location:Paris, France
Florian Briou
Florian Briou
Marc Fabre
Marc Fabre
Raphael Goldsztejn
Raphael Goldsztejn