Demo Day and Investor Day FAQ

March 18-20

The Basics

What is Demo Day? What is Investor Day?

On Demo Day, the latest batch of Y Combinator-funded founders present their companies to a room full of specially selected investors and press. "Demo Day" is actually two days. Investor Day takes place on the third day and is a full day of meetings between companies and investors.

Demo Day is a private, invitation-only event and is always oversubscribed. You must have received an invitation and RSVP'd YES to attend.

When is Demo Day?

At the end of March and the end of August each year. Demo Day for the Winter 2019 batch will be during March 18-20.

How do I get an invitation for Demo Day?

You can apply here. We read all applications and will let you know if you are invited.

Can I watch Demo Day online?

If you are invited to Demo Day and are unable to attend in person, you can watch the videos on our website. You can apply for online access using the same form.

How do I request a press pass?

You should email


Why didn’t I receive an invitation after I applied?

We have limited seating available for the event and receive far more qualified applications than we have room for.

Somebody else at my firm is attending Demo Day and I would like to come with them.

They will have to apply separately. They can apply here.

When do you stop taking applications to attend Demo Day?

We will turn off applications when we reach capacity for the event. This is usually at least a week before Demo Day.

Can I bring someone with me who is interested in seeing the companies?

The invitation to Demo Day is for you and you only. It is not transferrable and it cannot be used for multiple people.

If you know someone who would like to attend, they can request an invitation in advance of the event.

Can I RSVP for myself and then send somebody else in my place?

No, not without clearance in advance by email.

Can I transfer the invitation to someone else in my firm?

If you have an invitation representing a firm and would like to transfer your invitation to another partner, please email us at

Transfers to other partners are generally fine, transfers to associates or other non-partner staff are not.

During Demo Day

How is Demo Day structured?

Day takes place over two days. The founders present their companies to the audience, and each group of presentations is punctuated with breaks where you can meet and speak with the founders of the companies you're interested in.

Do I have to come to both days?

No. If you receive an invitation to attend, you will be given the option to choose whether you want to attend the first day, the second day or both.

Can I get information on which companies will be presenting?

We don't share information on the companies in advance of Demo Day. Each day's list is given out in the morning. However, you can check the YC Blog for posts on many of the companies presenting.

I have to take a meeting during Demo Day - can I meet the person there?

The main event area is off-limits to people who don't have an invitation. There is a coffee shop downstairs where you can take a meeting if necessary.

Investor Day

What is Investor Day?

Investor Day is an event designed to facilitate meetings between investors and founders. At Investor Day, you can meet with up to 15 companies in a single day. YC takes care of matching up mutually interested investors and companies and scheduling the meetings.

How does it work?

  1. As an investor, you'll "like" the companies you're interested in meeting with. You'll then rank those companies in order of preference.

  2. The YC founders will then rank the investors that liked them in order of who they want to meet with.

  3. YC's software will then use both sets of preferences to create a schedule for a day of meetings.

Is Investor Day designed to replace meetings investors and founders set up directly?

No, it is just designed to give a headstart. After Investor Day, you should set up meetings as you would normally.

What is the schedule for the day?

There will be fifteen 20-minute meeting slots running from 10AM to 6PM, with lunch and breaks in between. Most investors will have fewer than fifteen meetings.

Am I expected to decide on investing after only a 20 minute meeting?

That's entirely up to you and the founders. We expect that many investors will want to spend more time with founders before deciding, particularly ones making larger investments.

Multiple partners from my firm are attending Demo Day. Do we need to coordinate meeting requests?

It depends how you want to handle your meetings.

1) If you want to follow a "divide and conquer" approach where each partner meets with companies separately, then no coordination is necessary. If two partners at the same firm request meetings with the same company, the software will pick one person to take the meeting.

2) If you want to attend all your meetings together (a "single track" approach), then you will need to coordinate. In this case, only one partner should RSVP as "attending" Investor Day. That partner will receive the schedule, and your firm's other invitation holders can attend the meetings together. The partners who RSVP'd "no" to Investor Day can register at the door.

Can I bring another member of my firm to Investor Day?

No, your invitation to Investor Day does not include a +1. Just like Demo Day, your invitation to Investor Day is for you and you only. It is not transferrable and it cannot be used for multiple people.

How long do I have to rank companies?

You'll have until 8PM on Tuesday to like and rank the companies.

When will I know my schedule?

Investor Day schedules will be sent out late on Tuesday night. We will also email you at that time if you are not scheduled for any meetings.

I liked a company but didn't get a meeting with them. What should I do?

You're welcome to reach out to them directly to set up another time to meet.

I can't make it to Investor Day after all. What should I do?

If you decide you can't make it to Investor Day, please cancel your spot before 8PM on Tuesday when we create the schedules. You can do this on the "likes" tab.

If it's after 8PM on Tuesday and you have to cancel, please email

I need help with something. Who should I contact?

Please email