YC Recruiting Tools

As part of the YC investment, founders have a suite of recruiting tools that are for YC startups only – and for their life as an active YC company.

Job Postings

Over 1000 YC startups use YC Recruiting ATS as their first job listing platform. Post and manage open positions at their company, which appear directly on ycombinator.com for maximum exposure and inbound. Find people excited about working at early stage companies and familiar with the YC brand.

Applicant Tracking System

Manage candidates in your pipeline with YC’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Use pre-defined stages to quickly categorize and optimize your hiring efforts. Invite team members to coordinate recruiting efforts across your various roles to help you hire faster.

Hiring Knowledgebase

YC offers comprehensive training materials and step-by-step guides on hiring your early team -- including sourcing, interviewing, compensation, closing and more. We also offer 1-1 office hours on team building throughout the life of your company, from seed to IPO.

Founder Love It

"YC was the only job board we used for our careeers page. We used the ATS to hire our first 3 team members."

Akash Raju
Glimpse (S20)

"YC's recruiting tools helped us make our early hires, people interested in startups. It's one of the best things about YC."

Yin Wu
Pulley (S20)