Bend ⚡ 1-click Carbon Accounting

Bend helps you close sales as a sustainable business

At Bend, we help companies develop an affordable, automated, and credible path to net zero using your spend data. And we help fintech companies embed sustainability into b2b tools.

Thomas and I found our way to this project via our background in fintech. Prior to Bend, we worked together at Abacus (W14), a real time expense management company that I cofounded in 2014, serving small businesses. At Abacus, we noticed a pattern: finance teams are increasingly paying attention to the climate impact of their purchase decisions, from travel policies, to cloud hosting, and beyond. And better tooling and data is needed to drive pragmatic, effective climate action.

From zero to net zero in 5 minutes

Here’s how Bend works:

  • Bend converts spend data into CO2e data.
  • For example: imagine a $1,000 bill from Atlassian. Bend aggregates corporate emissions disclosures; we know that for every $1,000 spent with Atlassian, there’s a 30.2 kg footprint.
  • For long-tail merchants, we have merchant category fallbacks, so you’re always guaranteed 100% coverage (e.g. for Starbucks, we use the Starbucks factor, for a mom-and-pop coffee shop, we use a benchmark ‘coffee shop’ factor).
  • Our methodology is developed and vetted by climate science PhDs (degrees from MIT, Columbia, etc.), and our team has years of fintech experience (Abacus, Emburse, Google, Venmo).
  • Once armed with a complete picture of your emissions, you can choose a course of action — you might consider switching to lower-carbon-intensity vendors, offsetting your remaining emissions, and then closing sales as a sustainable business (we can help!).

Why now

  • Companies (e.g. Salesforce, Apple, Walmart) now require their suppliers to measure emissions and set reductions targets. Bend can help you sell to these customers.
  • The SEC is expected to roll out new climate data disclosure requirements this year, applying to public companies, with downstream impacts.
  • Your company has a surprising amount of leverage to accelerate decarbonization. It’s a great thing to be a part of, and has positive brand benefits for your startup.

Our ask

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